June 5, 2020

REPOST: The Lion

I wrote this post a couple of months ago. It was - is - allegorical in many ways, even more so now. I will leave it to my readers to connect the allegorical dots to recent current events. Ed

There was blood on the wounded animal and his enemies smelled it. 

They could feel the victory just ahead, if only they can keep on his heels. A nip; a slash; a painful, flesh tearing bite. But their prey yet manages to escape the pack's sharp claws, although they know he is getting tired of the fight - and of the chase. 

It seemed a lifetime ago when the rest of his pack left, and the sting of that defection was still fresh in his mind, especially of their meek acquiescence of surrender without so much as a whimper or howl. He shook his head to clear away the confusion; he supposed just the thought of an early death by an unseen enemy and the enticing prospect of being saved was just too much to let go. He could not convince them otherwise and, little by little, his pack easily gave up all they had struggled to maintain - all that their ancestors had won generations ago. 

But still, he vowed to keep his enemies at bay, for as long as possible. He might yet be a beacon of hope for his pack, the spark that would awaken them from their mind-numbing slumber. He hoped he would live long enough to see them all turn to face their enemies, legs set, muscles taught, minds clear as to their task.

But his heart refused the comfort such thoughts gave and all he could do was steel himself for the inevitable, final battle that he knew was coming.

He knows that he cannot stop the coming fight. His allegiance to a higher calling prevents it, at least until - as he heard someone once say - he's given "his last full measure." 

"So that's what it's all about, then", he tells himself as its clarity hit him full face, "the last full measure." And he understood, now, how his pack could be swayed so easily by the sirens song of their enemies: they were not yet ready to give their last full measure. They had enjoyed their ease and their free-range lifestyle too much and had forgotten the cost the others before them had paid for the privilege they now enjoyed. 

He stopped then, and turned to face the enemies that were almost upon him: his legs set; his muscles taught; his mind clear as to his task. 

And he smiled a knowing smile, for he knew the one thing his enemies did not: this might be his end, but it was not the end.

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May 17, 2020

Hate, As A Virtue

If nothing else, this faux-pandemic has unmasked just how many people there are in this country who truly hate the United States of America (and by default, Donald Trump) and who will do whatever is necessary to ensure the downfall of this still great country. Or better yet in their eyes, its transformation into a Confederation of Socialist states tightly controlled by an elite group of politburo members. (Eh...sound familiar?) I hate them all, these anarchists. But they are not the only ones upon whom I vent my base emotion; there are others...

I hate the Chinese...not the people themselves, but their overlords - the Chinese Communists. It is they who have succeeded in bringing to its knees the world's most vibrant economy and who have directly caused:

  • the permanent closing of numerous small businesses;
  • the curtailment of civil liberties;
  • the neutering of Constitutional guarantees, and;
  • the unprecedented birth of mini-dictators at the State level. 

And still, the USA (indeed, the World) have not - and may never - justly punish the Chines Communists for their duplicity in this egregious crime. Do the ChiComs truly own THAT much of the worlds economies that they are impervious to just retributions and reparations? Are they??

I hate the Federal Government's medical professionals (Fauci & Co.) who essentially have shut down the national economy to control a virus that can't be controlled, based upon computer models that have repeatedly been proven false and whose past and still current affiliations with Bill Gates mean a further erosion of both the economy and, especially, personal liberties. To paraphrase an oft-quoted Winston Churchill: "Never before have so few
un-electeds taken away more civil liberties from so many citizens." A true omniscient, was Churchill.

I hate the Democratic Party and the Socialist/Marxist Democrats within its members: the Pelosi's; the Schumer's; the Cuomo's. And let's not forget the young, up-andcoming Marxist Democrats: Alexandra Oscasio-Cortez, Ilhan Ohmar and Rashida Tlaib. (And...the now ubiquitous Obama's, of course.) These people have NO allegiance whatsoever to this country, but only to their Party and their Personal ideals. Collectively, they seek to tear-down, destroy, amend, transform and, ultimately, to re-birth this country into The United Socialist States of America. How do these people get elected and how do they stay elected? (See below for part of that answer.)

I hate the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and their minion diocesan Bishops. The USCCB is just another branch of the Democratic Party and has been for the last 5 decades. For each Democratic Party cause celebre, you will find open support from the USCCB or, at the least, a large group of their progressive Bishops. Maureen Mallarkey rightly describes them as "...an open borders lobby, a fifth column in cope and chasuble." She is not far from wrong and her 2018 article demands a full read. 

I hate Progressive Catholics who use their Faith when its convenient (Pelosi's "I am a Catholic" comes to mind) but who otherwise keep it under tight control and well hidden. It is an open secret that enough Catholics profess allegiance to the Democratic Party (and therefore, allegiance to its main platforms - unrestricted abortion and homosexuality) to keep Democrats in power (or at least power enough to affect the political ebb & flow of this country). Around 45% to well over 50% of Catholics vote Democratic and have for a goodly number of years, knowingly putting their Spiritual lives in grave danger through formal cooperation in the grave sins of others. In the post-Vatican II age, even nominal Catholics cannot claim invincible ignorance about abortion, homosexuality or adultery. 

I could go on with more "I hate (??????)", but I think you get my point by now, and, that I've proven hate can be a virtue when done for a just reason, as noted in the above examples. 

I have nothing, and no one, to fear... 


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April 12, 2020

A Holy and Blessed Easter To All

Have a Holy & Blessed Easter everyone!

Though we may be prevented from properly giving thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ for our redemption, we know the separation is temporary. The wheat is being separated from the chaff & the wheat that is left will bring forth much good fruit.

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April 4, 2020

3rd Station: Jesus' First Fall

We are in the midst of our agony here on earth, much like Our Lord and Savior himself during his final few weeks and days. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been suspended pretty much everywhere; even the SSPX has now done so, as much a victim of the ever-changing Chinese Virus rules & regulations as we laity. It made sense for the SSPX to do so: they are a missionary order and responsible for numerous satellite parishes away from their home priory. They could all be on a plane heading to their assignment and upon arriving find the civil authority has further restricted gatherings, preventing the laity from evening attending. In my opinion their action was just a matter of time. Regardless, we all are - willingly or unwillingly - walking beside Our Lord this Passion tide. 

As I was reading the Stations of the Cross at home this past Friday evening, the words of the 3rd Station (from The Roman Catholic Daily Missal) suddenly jumped out at me with more clarity than ever before. It seems that Holy Mother Church foresaw such as we are in now and placed these particular prayers, for this particular time, in this Penitential season, for our comfort and succor. Read the highlighted section especially, but pay closer attention to the underlined passage:

With the USA - indeed, almost the entire Catholic world - on lock-down, do not these words speak of our own Little Way of the Cross that we are now enduring? Does not the last sentence of the passage speak truly of the ache in our hearts as we endure forced separation from family, friends and co-workers in isolation at home, hospitals or nursing homes? And what of the deep agony of families whose loved ones lay dying, alone and bereft of family by their side, who then find they are unable to even have a normal burial? 

Indeed, we are in our own Little Way of the Cross, and only Our Lord Himself knows when all this will end. 

As our taken-for-granted liberties keep eroding on a daily basis in the name of fighting this medical "war" (that is increasingly being seen by many as nefarious overreach by local, State and, especially, Federal governments), many keep asking: 

"When, Lord...when? When will you grant  "...deliverance to them that are shut up."

Sadly, Our Lord is the only one that we can hope to deliver us from this pestilence, for the Pope and his Bishops have fallen to the world:

"They have not called upon God: there have they trembled for fear, where there was no fear. For God hath scattered the bones of them that please men: they have been confounded, because God hath despised them." [Psalms 52:6]
(my emphasis) 

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