September 28, 2013

For the Record...

UPDATED - May 11, 2014: Obviously, for those reading the below for the first time, this post was written well before her re-marriage 14 months later. on, but tempered with the knowledge she is now re-married, as I obviously must do as well. 

I have been divorced and annulled for over 3 years now, having the privilege of its finality gaveled on our 22nd Anniversary. I was an unwilling participant in an action that has destroyed a marriage, a family and Parent-Child relationships and did what I could to stop the juggernaut. I will never cease to petition Our Lord and Our Lady for assistance in the Reconciliation and Restoration of our Family, steadfastly refuse to call my Beloved "ex" or "former" and will continue to defend our marriage before our 10 children and to any who ask. I leave the rest in the hands of Christ and His Mother.
And yes, I am still very much in Love with the woman and still wear the ring she placed upon my finger. Nor will I ever apologize if I call her wife every now and again, either...

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