October 17, 2013

What is Divorce?

Divorce is a puss-filled, germ-oozing, cancerous, leprotic scourge that never heals. Divorce destroys marriages, relationships and families and serves but one purpose – to placate the selfishness of one or both spouses, at the expense of the children, who alone suffer its consequences.

Put a mink coat on a divorce to make it look pretty, add an ermine to make it more beautiful, sprinkle on a dash of $250 perfume to hide the sulfuric smell, but eventually you still have to take the coat off. And underneath the coat is that which cannot be made to look other than what its genus makes it – EVIL INCARNATE!

Divorce causes more problems that it solves and continues the hurt long after the petitioner and respondent have turned to dust. Like paying for the National debt, the children will be paying the debt of their parents divorce for the duration of their natural lives.

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