November 6, 2013


I am re-posting here a portion of what I wrote about forgiveness awhile back ...

We are all called to ask for forgiveness when we have injured another, but to freely give the forgiveness that is asked for, requires an act of the Will, a choosing to do what we may feel we do not want to because we still feel the deep pain of the injury received. We may not want to forgive the other person and in fact will do everything we can think of not to do so. We try and justify our lack of forgiveness when we really have no justification for not forgiving. It comes full circle back to the Crucifixion... if He can forgive us - mere mortals - who are we and what are we by choosing not to forgive?

It is what I tell my kids whenever the opportune moment dictates - they have to work so much harder to keep this stupidity-of-animosity between us up and running, than it would to just simply say, "Dad, I forgive you and I still Love you." They think that forgiveness is an emotional thing that one wakes up in the morning and decides to do, much like deciding to go get Perm or meet a friend for lunch. I have told them they must be so very tired at times from the effort, that they won't know what freedom it brings when they do forgive and will wonder why they were stupid enough to keep it up for so long.

We choose to Love, just as we choose to forgive - or not.

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