November 10, 2013

Great Moral Urgency?

To this article on Breitbart News: Cardinal Dolan: Great Moral Urgency To Pass Immigration Reform , a few days ago I posted this comment:

"Great Moral Urgency??!!!! You have got to be kidding me, Card. Dolan! And I suppose that the revolving door annulment crisis, tolerating divorce, lack of belief in the indissolubility of marriage by laity, use of contraception by laity, politicians openly defying Church teaching, clerics and other religious openly defying Church teaching, lack of conversions, lack of professed Catholics attending Mass routinely, lack of enrollment in parochial schools, lack of vocations to the priesthood, etc, etc, etc are NOT causes for "great moral urgency"??? What dark cave did you just emerge from, if I may ask? Please stop playing tiddly-winks with the enemies of the Church and start defending the sheep within your own diocese and more importantly, the Church. Confront, challenge and convert those who oppose Church teaching, not glad hand them and pat them on the back! DEFEND THE FAITH!!!!"

I suppose it was a bit harsh, but I have mentioned before that many of the Princes of the Church are paying lip service to the true crises in the Church, one of which is the assault on Catholic Marriages via the "toleration" of divorce and specious annulments. It is why I have less than full confidence in the upcoming synod in 2014 that anything productive and protective of Sacrament of Matrimony will be done, though I continue to pray otherwise. How can I think anything else when the Princes of the Church - at least in the US ( Card. Dolan and Bp. Gomez at the forefront) continue to espouse immigration reform as "...a great moral urgency"???

I also sent it to the Cardinal via the USCCB website, slightly revised and closed with:

"I urge you to please address the true moral crises in our Church and leave immigration reform to the secular world, who is better able to deal with those who break established United States laws, whether Federal or State."

Had the Bishops in the US been as vocal in opposing No-Fault Divorce as they have been in opposing the enforcement of established Federal and State immigration laws, I doubt that there would be as many Catholics divorcing and certainly a lessening of the annulment petitions before the diocesan tribunals. The focus would then perhaps be on the Pastoral Care needed to repair and renew troubled marriages, rather than on the divorced and remarried, and the For Your Marriage website would be getting more page-views per day.  

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