November 28, 2013

John Denver - For You

For the Mother of our 10 children...lest she forgets, though in reality she already has.

Commitment, Courage and Capitulation

Democratic Colorado state senator resigns to avoid recall over gun law

So blared the headline on Fox News this morning as I set here drinking my tasteless, but hot, coffee at 3:57 A.M. And so goes another politician who simply caves, folds, gives up, refuses to fight, acquiesces, takes-one-for-the-gipper, etc. etc. etc., rather than defend that which they helped to create, even if that defense shouts they will go down down in flames and their political career be utterly destroyed in the process. What would be truly destroyed, however, is not the political but the integral, for it simply shows the lack of personal commitment to the cause, the superficial strength that was used to promote it and the flimsy courage used to get it implemented. This commitment to the cause was not ideological, not personal, not "for the people-by the people" of the district. No. There was no personal commitment, no true strength, no true courage to defend an action or ideal. There was simply no integral belief of its validity, else the individual would have stood and fought, stood and defended, stood and declared "This is right and this is what I believe in the name of my constituents!" Epic fail.

I contrast that with my own defense of my marriage, both with my wife and my children, among friends and acquaintances, with priest or Bishop. My defense of this marriage, of this Holy Sacrament of Matrimony, is integral within is part and parcel of my is embedded with the words "I thee wed..." and is something that cannot and will not ever be taken from me. I don't have the luxury of resigning; I don't have the luxury of walking away;I don't have the luxury of pawning this off to another. I own this. It is mine to defend or not, but if I do not, then I am all that is believed of me by my wife and children and am not and never was deserving of them. I do not run nor do I hide. I do not deflect nor do I defer. I stand and deliver to all who fall in my path, when appropriate to do so. I am fighting a battle that by earthly standards many would say I have lost, I have no chance of winning, so why do it? And in my reply I simply say that it goes back to the beginning with the words "With this ring, I thee wed...". From that moment in time until now and into forever, no matter how cowardly I did so before her divorce, I find the strength, courage and commitment to continue in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds, with no true guarantee of success of winning this war, let alone the battle. 

It goes without saying that without the Divine assistance and guidance from Our Blessed Lord and Lady, I would shortly have followed in the footsteps of many a politician and caved. Therein lies True Courage and Faithfulness. Therein lies the reality of my strength. Alone and unafraid, I continue to stand at the Foot of the Cross, bloodied and bruised, comforted only by His Presence hanging upon the Cross and consoled by the Mother who sustains my Heart from breaking irretrievably and which would in all likelihood, doom me.  

Deo Gratias! 

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