December 1, 2013

I Choose Us…

We both had lost what we had at the beginning of our marriage, caused mainly, I believe, by leaving out Christ and being no better cafeteria catholic’s than the next couple, Traditional or not. We failed in our duty to each other and to our Children, but more importantly, to Christ, who should have been perched at the apex of our Spousal/Family Triangle. Regardless, there was no excuse for either of us.

The wide and smooth road lay enticingly ahead. I was thrown into the back seat, she jumped into the drivers seat, hit the accelerator, set the cruise control and sat back and let the road take us both where she apparently wanted to go. I was along for the ride, whether I liked it or not. It's a harsh summation of the facts, but true nonetheless, and speaks just as much against me as her. She has been reminded numerous times that nothing has changed, nothing will change, nothing will ever change – my affection for her is as it was 25 years ago, perhaps now more so. But her annulment dictated tempering the words, and now her impending re-nuptials will cause them to cease in toto, but their meaning remains clear - she holds my Heart and always shall.

Oscar Wilde said that "life imitates art far more than art imitates life”…if that is so, then this clip from the “The Family Man” probably sums up best this particular life/art imitation I find myself in. The dichotomy between Hollywood's reality and my reality are great, but the passion in her voice, the depth of her emotions and the selfless Love shown in Kate's word's to Jack, cross the boundary from make-believe to reality, from art to life.

I miss my wife. I chose us. I will always choose us. 

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