December 3, 2013

A Poem

Something I wrote for someone, in honor of our 24th Anniversary in 2012:

              Poem of Love

      Twenty-four years ago, each other we wed
     To Love, to Honor and to Cherish, no matter the dread.
                  Today, lost and adrift, we remain far apart
     Where now only reside hurt and anger, amid two broken Hearts

To our vows, My Beloved, I will ever remain True
As I will also, to my Love for you.
Though surgeon’s scalpel has cut our Hearts deep
At the Foot of the Cross I will continue to weep

      Standing beneath, with Our Mother near
      To Her I look to wipe my tear,
     To heal the wounds that has rent two Hearts
     To reconcile two Souls, Till Death they do Part

I look upwards at Him Who grants to all who ask
In His Mothers name, help with their task.
Mine, to refresh and to renew that Love He did give
Twenty-four years earlier, to me, to us…To Live.

Copyright 2013 David Heath - All Rights Reserved