December 7, 2013

A Love Letter That Will Never Be Read...

by the one for whom it was written.  Think it fantasy or real, it yet remains a testament to the Love of the one spouse and the blindness of the other. 


You enter into this new marriage with the full knowledge that you leave behind one who remains very much in Love with you, but is forever destined to be the 3rd leg of an unrequited Love triangle. And that is OK...there is nothing I can do about that. While I do not embrace the notion, it is one I am accepting of because it comes from Divine permission, to which I must always acquiesce.  And there is also the fact that my Heart will let me do nothing less than remain Faithful to you. Now there, Dear, is something that I do embrace, with every fiber of my being. I am prepared for the personal cost of doing this, though I do admit to a bit of trepidation at times, simply because I know my weaknesses. After all, I miss your Love as much as you miss giving it.

We were both selfish, you know. Extremely so, though I would like to believe that I am over that particular weakness, else all that I profess now and in the future would be meaningless. I can't help Heart just can't let itself go from you. Such is the Grace of the Sacrament, I suppose. Such is the muscle that, despite the weakness inherent in the person, it knows that it could not survive the surgery required to remove a very large part of its whole. So, like a benign tumor that is better left alone rather than risk damaging the healthy tissue that surrounds it, you will be left alone, but forever surrounded by the Love that will always be.

Our contact and communication will be limited even more so from Saturday on-wards. I will, by circumstance, no longer be able to speak of anything other than what directly concerns our minor children. However, I retain and will exercise the right to continue to challenge your decisions as concerning those children, if I feel their best interests are in question.  I would like to wish you happiness, but I cannot unfortunately, as too many compromises were made on your journey that affected far too many people and required far too much sacrifice. I will, however, wish you good health in Body and Soul, as well as good success in whatever employment you may find. You will always remain a part of my daily prayers and Rosary.

I will live the remainder of my life devoted to my children's one and only Mother and to the only spouse I shall ever have. I couldn't possibly give love to a second spouse when so much with the first was left incomplete.  If I was stronger, maybe, but then I've never been as strong as I should have been. 

Be safe and be careful, Dear One...May Our Lord and Our Lady keep you within Their Shadows. 

My Love Always...

Copyright 2013 David Heath - All Rights Reserved