December 13, 2013

Embracing Intransigence

Mundabor's Blog posted a very good piece the other day entitled Spot The Christian. It was, I believe, a response to a quote made by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Mr. Justin Welby, during a recent interview. Mundabor's response is spot on and truly is the only way to respond to any emotional, push-buttoned themed comment made de fide simply and only because it was pronounced by someone in lay aside the Passions and use Reason and Doctrine in refutation, which in the case above, was via the Catholic Spanish priest Félix Sardà y Salvany.

My purpose in referencing the above is the final paragraph of Mundabor's article, which quotes from Salvany's Liberalism Is A Sin, which ties in well to defending my marriage:

"Finally, supreme charity is practiced in relation to God when, for His glory and in His service, it becomes necessary for the one exercising intransigence to put aside all human considerations, to trample underfoot all human respect, to sacrifice all human interests, and risk even life itself to attain such a high end.”

The dictionary defines "Intransigent" thusly: 

"in·tran·si·gent also in·tran·si·geant (n-trns-jnt, -z-) adj.

Refusing to moderate a position, especially an extreme position; uncompromising.

Guilty as charged...

It got to the point where I had to resist the path this action was taking purely on Principle and Morals, or more importantly Justice and Charity, which has been and still remains definitively lacking. The greater good was to refuse the moderation and compromising of the Sacrament and our Marriage on both the Moral and Natural level, even though in the end, my relationships suffered greatly, especially with the kids.

The inherent wrongs established at the beginning of this divorce became fostered as de fide throughout, simply because the principle people involved invoked the "let's just move on" meme, regardless of the principles that were violated. It became less of a choice and more of a demand as to where my path lied. It became less a concern for the human and more a duty to the Divine; less the need for the wanted relationship with those I do Love and more the necessity to maintain the relationship with Him I must Love.

Someday, the understanding of the above by my kids will come. Until then, it appears the cold, northerly Kansas winds will continue to blow...

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