December 25, 2013

Home Alone IV

Starting my fourth Christmas separated from the ones I Love (and that includes their Mother.) Yea, yea...I know...she went and got herself remarried. Makes not a damn bit of difference, though. Told her so long before she re-tied the knot a second time after untying herself from the first one. My lot seems now to be as the third leg of a now-unrequited Love triangle. So be it...Deo Gratias!

Anyway, as for the kids...My eldest daughter stopped in last evening for a bit to see how I was doing. Very nice of her (did I wish her a Merry Christmas?) and told her so. Thanked me for the Christmas card to her  (have never missed sending one) and the other kids (never missed them either). Daughter #4 did send an email acknowledgement, which was nice, terse though it was. My reply was a little more personable that mentioned a hoped for ending of this stupid parent-child estrangement and the hoped for birth of a more fruitful one. We'll see...she has ball control at the moment (all those affected have always had) and I have to wait until I see a change in the game plan, which so far has been entirely defensive. Their (the kids) coach could surely use some much-need refresher training on the finer arts of the combining of offensive and defensive tactics. Have you ever tried to be part of a team that ONLY played defensive strategies? Not many points can be scored, and certainly you will NEVER have a winning season. Their coach is a frustrating person to put it mildly...but still holds chief place in my Heart.

It is a given that one of the future Christmases will find the healing that is sorely needed by all. I just have to be patient and keep throwing a bit of offense in their game plan at the opportune moments. Not too much, mind...but just enough to let them know I am in this game to win, I intend to remain a part of their team, and show them that offense is what puts points on the board, despite the bruises and blood that invariably comes from playing (fighting) to win. "Faint Heart never won Fair Lady..." 

My record so far? 0-4...but then many teams started with a losing record and wound up winning the trophy in the end.  Can this underdog do likewise? IS he strong enough? IS he Courageous enough? IS he Catholic enough? IS he Father enough?

I am in my 16th quarter of play and I can tell you that, yes...I have grown weary, have wanted to quit, have wanted to take my gear and head to the locker room. personal Coach keeps running after me and ever so softly and lovingly, refreshes my strength, courage and fidelity to the team. And I invariably, through tear streaked eyes, turn and run - not walk, mind you, but run - back into the game. More bruises...more blood...more Love...

Meet my Coach:

Outdoor Grotto of Our Lady - Saint Marys Academy Girls School, Saint Marys, KS
 (photo ©2013 David Heath - All Rights Reserved)

I hope you Love Coach as much as I do...

Copyright 2013 David Heath - All Rights Reserved

Puer natus est nobis...

A child is born to us, and a Son is given to us; whose government is upon his shoulder; and his name shall be called the Angel of great counsel. Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: for he hath done wonderful things...

Puer natus est nobis, et filius datus est nobis, cujus imperium super humerum ejus et vocabitur nomen ejus, magni consilii Angelus.

Have A  Holy and Blessed Christmas!!!

Copyright 2013 David Heath - All Rights Reserved