March 1, 2014

Ed Peter's: Patristic ‘life raft’ language refers to Confession, not Communion

Kudo's to Dr. Peter's for his reasoned response to Cardinal Kasper's statements, which even I found to be confusing.  As the re-married issue is more an emotional one than anything else, you can only combat it with Facts and Reason, rooted in the Faith. The answer to the re-married issue has been  laid out for centuries - Confession, Repentance and Reconciliation - which Dr. Peter's ably points out.

Is it the Church's problem if those hurt by their own self-inflicted wounds do not avail themselves of the remedy that is already in place?

The link to Cardinal Kasper's statements are within the post.

Patristic ‘life raft’ language refers to Confession, not Communion

March 1, 2014
In his recent remarks on holy Communion for divorced Catholics civilly remarried outside the Church, Cardinal Kasper made use of the Patristic locus communis of a ‘second plank after the shipwreck of sin’ as a basis for giving divorced and remarried Catholics “not a second boat, but a life raft” in the form of holy Communion.
Now, I don’t claim credentials as a Patrologist, but I will say that every time I have encountered “secunda tabula” language, it has referred to Confession being available to sinners after Baptism, not to holy Communion being available to Catholics living in, among other things, pseudo-matrimony.
Read the rest at his blog here.

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