May 28, 2014

Andre Rieu - A Collection of Favorites

I personally "discovered" Andre Rieu about three weeks ago, while perusing songs for Tuesday Night Nostalgia (for as long as it lasts, anyway). I'd never heard of him, despite my advanced age, and was totally taken in by his music, his orchestra and the three beautiful ladies that comprise "The Rose" - Suzan Erens, Carla Maffioletti and Carmen Monarcha...I smile every time I hear these ladies sing, for they bring as much to "The Rose" through their voices. The Orchestra is superb, as is Andre himself. 

Andre still tours internationally, but we here in the USA would have to fly to England in December this year to see any of his Concerts. Or, like me, you can spend some time perusing a selection of You Tube Video's by way of introduction, of which three favorites are below. Grab your kids, take away their IPod's and IPhone's and introduce them to some real music that is as Good for the Soul as it is for the ears. Enjoy...

 According to his bio at Wikipedia, Andre has been married since 1975 to wife Marjorie and has two sons. Good for him!! 

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May 26, 2014

American Thinker: The Twisted World of Elliot Rodger

"But...But...But... Divorce is supposed to make everyone happy! Divorce is supposed to allow everyone to move on and lead the lives they were meant to lead! Divorce is supposed to cleanse the mistakes in the first marriage so the second marriage can be all good and holy! Divorce is supposed to be good!!?? Divorce is supposed to be your friend!!?? We are supposed to embrace divorce???!!??"

The above is the ideal that has been imposed on us since 1969, starting in California and ending with New York in 2010, the last of the no-fault divorce state holdouts. The true reality, however, is that which Jack Cashill writes of below, and one that gets re-written each time one of these tragedies occur and the one common denominator they all share gets repeated once again upon deaf ears: D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

When will we learn??? [and no...gun control and social programs are NOT the answer!]

Let us pray for the victims of this tragedy and their families...

[Highlights below mine]

The 'Twisted World' of Elliot Rodger

Were I to update my 2007 book, What’s the Matter with California, I would dedicate a chapter to Elliot Rodger, the sexually jealous young man who stabbed, shot, and ran over a score of victims, seven of them fatally, in his hate-filled Santa Barbara rampage.
Unlike many recent mass killers -- Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook), Jared Lee Loughner (Tucson), and James Holmes (Aurora) -- Rodger was sane enough to tell the world what ailed him, and this he did in a lucid, well written, 140-page memoir/ manifesto titled “My Twisted World.” better title might have been “Our Twisted World.”
Although talk of “white privilege” runs wild through Twitterdom, Rodger’s mother was an ethnic Chinese from Malaysia. His father Peter Rodger was an aspiring British film director who uprooted Elliot from his native England when the boy was five and moved the family to Southern California.
This move was disruptive enough, but the real disruption occurred two years later. Like so many Californians, Rodger’s mother and father divorced. Not surprisingly, it was California that initiated the nation’s first and most progressive no-fault divorce law. The state did so in September 1969, just weeks after the Manson murders.
Those murders should have caused state officials to think twice. The common thread among the otherwise attractive, well-educated “Manson girls” was that they came from broken homes. Once their own families fell apart, they proceeded to look for love in all the wrong places.
So too would Elliot Rodger. “I was absolutely shocked, outraged, and above all, overwhelmed,” wrote Rodger of his parents’ divorce. “This was a huge life-changing event.” Rodgers does not blame his parents or their divorce for his subsequent failures, but he could have.

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May 23, 2014

Of An Obliterated Marriage But Never of the Vows...

I wrote the below commentary to a Yahoo-group of fellow abandoned spouses, after my attorney informed me that the Custodial Evaluator apparently has recommended that the remaining minor children be allowed to move to Texas with their now-remarried Mother. Obviously an emotionaly-drenched-and-drained reaction from me upon hearing the news, but followed almost immediately by my FIAT to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. It still is numbing to realize the enormity of this new Cross, but also that it changes nothing of my Love, either to my children or for their Mother. Such is, my Friends, the ideal that is Catholic Marriage, despite the willing co-operation of Our Holy Mother Church to say otherwise.

The commentary has been altered slightly to fit this new venue, but it is otherwise as I originally posted:

Thank you, [your prayers are] much appreciated...

I just wish the priest who counseled her into annulment, the Judicial Vicar who signed it, the Diocesan Bishop who endorsed it, the ROTA who upheld it and the Monsignor, Bishop or Cardinal who endorsed the paper that with a flick of a pen obliterated a marriage, a spouse and Family of Souls, would have cared as much.

And you wonder why, Father Nice's of the Modern Church, why we abandoned spouses are so critical and so frustrated with the Hierarchy of a Church that thinks nothing of the Souls of the Family their Tribunals have just decimated for the sake of the one Soul who just can't be happy. Please don't ever chastise me if you ever come across my name somewhere and take exception to who or to whom I may harshly criticize. You will have no right, for you know nothing of the pain of seeing Loved ones ripped apart from the Parent who Loves them more than his own life, especially when that parents marriage was ripped from his hands by a Church who tacitly approved a divorce and then considered the marriage irreparably broken and used that as an excuse to not use Canon Law and try to preserve a marriage and family. Or without first asking me whether or not I even wanted the damn thing in the first place. 

Do you wonder why we have the Cardinal Kaspars of the world, good Fathers? It's because the Church we all know and Love won't even stand up and defend the very Sacrament instituted by Christ Himself! Listen to what some Church leaders have been saying - they want to condone mortal sin!!! Why??!!! Why do you allow this!!! There is no priest who has any right to criticize me for any harshness in my writings on this blog, in a Comm Box or wherever. No right at all. I just wish I'd be strong enough to challenge any priest that would, but it would require using up the very strength that has sustained me these past 4 years in the defense of my marriage and family - something the Church is grossly negligent in. But my children need the strength of their earthly Father a hell of a lot more than any spiritual Father needs it who thinks all is well in the Church and can't see the forest for the trees. I will never leave the Church and will defend your very lives good Fathers, if called upon to do so. But don't ever ask of me to be silent about the travesty and unjust actions of your Tribunals. None of you have any right to ask that of me and never will. 

So, I will bear this new burden of seeing my children moving 600 miles away, my visitation cut in half and my Divine and Temporal rights as a Father curtailed. I will do so out of the Love for the Souls under my care, because it is the duty I accepted when I pronounced "I Do" twenty-five years ago and in Imitation of the Crucified Lord, whose Love I do my best to imitate. I just wish the Church would do as much...

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Ten Profound Sermon Suggestions on Marriage For Cowering Priests

My good friend Sheryl gave permission to publish a recent post, which needs no commentary from me...mainly because it's all so very true and not much more needs to be said. 

Good one, Sheryl!

(See Mundabor's blog for a very good companion post.)

Ten Profound Sermon Suggestions on Marriage For Cowering Priests 

Posted by Sheryl
1) Disagreements
If you and your spouse find yourself disagreeing and coming to Father for advice, sit up straight and listen intently when he tells you that it is not a sin to divorce; it’s only a sin to divorce and remarry without an annulment.
And have a pencil and paper ready when he gives you directions to the tribunal where you can begin your petition to get out of this marriage, which is not fulfilling, and hope to get into another that is.
2) Second Chance
The greatest gift God has given us is a second chance. I mean a second chance to wear a white gown or tuxedo, and have your crying children standing there while you say vows. Again.
The children are crying because they are happy. Not because they are losing everything that meant home and family to them. Don’t let such thoughts make you feel bad.
Those are bad thoughts.
3) God Wants You to be Happy
Happiness is the best thing this side of hot fudge sundaes.
Don’t think that the children might be crying because they are not happy. And for God’s sake, don’t think about the Lord dying on the Cross so we can be happy in the next life.
And above above all, don’t even try to remember what the nuns told you about the Lady who told Bernadette that she didn’t promise the young girl happiness in this life but in the next. Such are fairy tales. The Promised Land is Now!
4) Annulment Makes You Uncomfortable
Then skip it and find a Justice of the Peace. It’s his job to make you comfortable.
And he is there, just for you.
Don’t be uncomfortable.
God wants you to be comfortable.
Remember, Communion for the Divorced and Remarried is a hot topic in the Curia right now. The more of you that there are, the more the "CHURCH" will see that reality is good.
5) Time of Mercy
My children, God forgives all. Just trust and dismiss what some say about returning to the first marriage. Who is that going to benefit? I didn’t hear anything about children, and neither did you. Children adjust. Adults must be happy, happy, happy.
And virtually no one can live like brother and sister except brothers and sisters. Don’t make me laugh!
6) You Didn’t Consent Properly
Babycakes. You were too immature, too traumatized, too emotional, too love-stricken, whatever; the tribunal will help you with this one.
That is what they are there for. To help heal whatever ailed the first time.
And they will be there the second and third time also. Whenever you need them, they are MERCIFULL! As in just FULL of it.
7) You Were Not Capable
IF you consented properly, and chances are you did not, then the tribunal can make a case that you were not capable of doing what you consented to.
As in, you signed the papers to buy a car, but were not able to make the payments. No nice car dealer would expect you to do what you simply cannot do, and the Church is nicest of all.
8) Your Children Are Legitimate
There are some bad, judgmental people out there who will say that you bastardize your children by getting an annulment. Those are bad people with impure thoughts. Avoid them.
The tribunal has the keys. If we say that God did not join you together, then He did not. And those people who get all worked up over children being born to unmarried people need to seek a new, revised Code of American Heritage Law-type Dictionary.
9) Civil Divorce Makes Your Marriage Unreconcilable
So you must get the divorce first before we can do anything. Just forget what your mother says about divorce being a sin. She is one of those who is behind the times. And ignore her when she says that Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton reconciled, and Natalie Wood and Bob Wagner.
When you take Hollywood as your example, you. . . . Whoops,
Just tell her you have to hang up and get a call from your new hot guy/gal. (Don’t tell her that; just say another call. She might have another hissy fit. And hissy fits don’t make you happy.)
10) The Four Last Things
I can never imagine God would do more than slap us on the wrist, no? I mean, come on! Seriously? (Plagiarized straight from Mundabor.)

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May 21, 2014

UPDATED 2: May 21: Where Is The Outcry From the US Bishops On This??

Husband finds pregnant wife shackled as she awaits hanging

Mariam Ibrahim, who has been sentenced to death in Sudan, and her husband Daniel Wani. Global Justice Centre Sudan

An eight-months pregnant woman is being kept shackled to the wall of her cell as she awaits hanging, her husband has said after visiting her in prison.

Mariam Ibrahim (26) was sentenced to death in Sudan last Thursday for refusing to recant her Christianity and for marrying Christian Daniel Wani – a Sudanese man with US citizenship who lives in New Hampshire
The court found her guilty of apostasy – leaving Islam – even though Ms Ibrahim testified that she was never a Muslim, and was brought up as a Christian by her Ethiopia-born mother.
The case was drawn to the authorities' attention in August, when Ms Ibrahim's father's family said that she had been born a Muslim and renounced Islam. Fatih Izz Al-Deen, Sudanese parliament speaker, said Ms Ibrahim's brother had denounced her.
"I was never a Muslim," she told the court. "I was raised a Christian from the start."
Her Muslim father, she said, left the family when she was a child.
Ms Ibrahim's husband, American citizen Daniel Wani, is disabled and was in the US at the time of the verdict.
"I'm so frustrated. I don't know what to do," he said. "I'm just praying."


MAY 21

USCCB Subcommittee Chairman Calls Decisions in Oregon and Pennsylvania Travesties of Justice

Archbishop Cordileone says marriage, democracy, children deserve better
MAY 21

Jewish, Christian and Muslim National Religious Leaders Urge Secretary of State Kerry to Continue Providing Determined U.S. Leadership for Peace

WASHINGTON—In a May 20 letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, 33 religious leaders, including present and past heads of Jewish, Christian and Muslim national religious organizations, said “the time for Israeli-Palestinian peace is now,” and that “achieving ...
MAY 19

National Day of Prayer, Remembrance for Mariners, People of the Sea May 22

WASHINGTON— Bishop J. Kevin Boland, bishop emeritus of Savannah, Georgia, and Apostleship of the Sea (AOS) promoter will celebrate a Mass in observance of the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance for Mariners and People of the Sea. The Mass will take ...
MAY 19

Migration Committee Bishops to Meet With Counterparts in Central America, Mexico to Discuss the Protection of Migrant Children and Migration Factors

Flight of unaccompanied children to United States to be discussed
MAY 19

‘Praying the Rosary with Pope Francis’ released by US Bishops’ Communications Department; Promotional Contest To Offer Rosaries Blessed by Pope

Available Exclusively From USCCB in United States


Condemned to hang, pregnant Sudanese doctor refuses to recant

Published: May 16, 2014

May 15th protest in front of the courthouse where Ibrahim’s case was being heard. The protesters are calling for Ibrahim’s release.
May 15th protest in front of the courthouse where Ibrahim’s case was being heard. The protesters are calling for Ibrahim’s release.
Courtesy of Hardwired

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, a 27-year-old Sudanese doctor due to have her second baby next month, has been condemned to death by hanging, after yesterday (Thursday May 15th) refusing to renounce her Christian faith, despite pressure on her to do so, even in court.
Her lawyer reported that, after the court had given her three days to reconsider, Ibrahim bravely asserted again that she is a Christian [and how many of us Catholics today would, with clear eyes and a clearer Conscience, stand in court and do the same?] Agence France Presse reports that an Islamic cleric spoke with her in the caged dock for about half an hour. She was also addressed in court by her Muslim name.
Read the rest here.



In the name of the Ecumenism and New Evangelation of the last 50 years and in the face of so much outright worldwide moral evil by the religion political ideology that is Islam, how can the Bishops - here as well as worldwide - not parade, demonstrate and preach against such an intrinsically evil act as the willful murder of a Christian wife and Mother - whose husband is a  US Citizen? But immigration reform, news on ordinations or a New Orleans Bishop's meeting have greater newsworthiness? 

Consider these dueling headlines:

Catholic Culture.Org,  May 14, 2014:

5 bishops to travel to Washington, lobby on behalf of immigration reform 

From Breibart News, May 16, 2014:


And consider this also:

Press Release from the the USCCB concerning the above:

                                    < NONE>

Press Releases from the USCCB on more important issues than the above:

If one had to pick and choose from a broad array of "newsworthy" items to promote for press releases, I would think that the willful murder of a Mother by an intrinsically evil political ideology would certainly qualify. Even Amnesty International thought it newsworthy enough to send a press release on May 13.

A Google search for "usccb response to ​PREGNANT CHRISTIAN TO BE EXECUTED FOR LEAVING ISLAM AFTER GIVING BIRTH" gave no responses, nor did "catholic response to ​PREGNANT CHRISTIAN TO BE EXECUTED FOR LEAVING ISLAM AFTER GIVING BIRTH". Even leaving out "...after giving birth" failed to provide any links.

I would think - and continue to hope - the USCCB and the all the world's Bishops together with Pope Francis as the Head of the Church on earth would, "Ex Cathedra", denounce this evil and work as tirelessly for her release as they do for immigration reform...or boat people...or socialism...or the [insert cause here]. 

But then, the Consecration of Russia to Our Lady hasn't happened either, so... can one really expect any other response than <crickets>??

Photo Source
"Our Lady of Ransom, please assist this brave Christian woman and her family in their hour of need".  In your Charity, Three Ave's for this intention, please. God Bless You All!

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