May 28, 2014

Andre Rieu - A Collection of Favorites

I personally "discovered" Andre Rieu about three weeks ago, while perusing songs for Tuesday Night Nostalgia (for as long as it lasts, anyway). I'd never heard of him, despite my advanced age, and was totally taken in by his music, his orchestra and the three beautiful ladies that comprise "The Rose" - Suzan Erens, Carla Maffioletti and Carmen Monarcha...I smile every time I hear these ladies sing, for they bring as much to "The Rose" through their voices. The Orchestra is superb, as is Andre himself. 

Andre still tours internationally, but we here in the USA would have to fly to England in December this year to see any of his Concerts. Or, like me, you can spend some time perusing a selection of You Tube Video's by way of introduction, of which three favorites are below. Grab your kids, take away their IPod's and IPhone's and introduce them to some real music that is as Good for the Soul as it is for the ears. Enjoy...

 According to his bio at Wikipedia, Andre has been married since 1975 to wife Marjorie and has two sons. Good for him!! 

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