December 29, 2014

UPDATE: Demands, Demands, Demands...

ED. NOTE: In recognition of more "demands" made by those on earth tasked with the guardianship of the One True Church of Our Lord, Savior and King Jesus Christ, I have added the Belgian Bishop Bonny (has a nice ring to it, don't it: "Belgian-Bishop-Bonny-went-to-town, a-riding-on-his-pony, la-la-la...") to this May 2014 post at the bottom of the list at #19 (frankly, its where he belongs) in the hope that the Pope will demand...

 HEY!! Maybe...just maybe...the Pope will demand he be reassigned to a certain seminary, in a certain neighboring country, known in certain circles as being full of "Self-absorbed Promethean Neo-Pelagianists" where he will enter a period of "discernment" a la the FFI!!!

(And Barack Obama will convert to Catholicism....)


(Above picture and headline from Brietbart News)

                        <SIGH>  ....  <sigh> ...   <SIGH>

Why doesn't Pope Francis instead:

1. Demand the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

2. Demand Cardinal Kaspar keep his mouth shut and preach only Catholic Doctrine as has been taught for a millenia before Vatican II - or face Excommunication?

3. Demand the LCWR follow Church Teaching, Authority and Doctrine or face disbandment and/or disbarment - or Excommunication?

4. Demand the Society of SSPX return to Full Communion NOW - without the pre-condition of accepting Vatican II in toto?

5. Demand the enforcement of Canon 915 against any and all "devout" Catholic Politicians who openly, brazenly, publicly and proudly proclaim their support of homosexuality, abortion, sodomy, etc.?

6. Demand Cardinal Dolan stop attending the Al Smith Dinners with known enemies of the Catholic Church?

7. Demand the release of the FFI from any and all interdicts and apologize for Fr. Volpi's heavy-handiness in their suppression?

8. Demand that all Bishop's under his authority impart equally the same enforcement of the same Laws of the same Catholic Church of which he is the Supreme Head on Earth?

9. Demand the immediate moratorium on new annulment proceedings until such time as Canons 1152.1, 1152.2, 1152.3, 1153.2, 1155, 1446.2, 1676, 1695 and 1713 are strictly enforced to preserve Sacramental Marriages wherever possible?

10. Demand Cardinal Kaspar stop putting words in his mouth by saying "... he believes that 50 percent of marriages are not valid" and causing scandal to those Faithful Catholics desirous of Marriage? 

11. Demand the more modest dress of the Faithful assisting at the now-OF Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, reminding them they are in the presence of Our Lord - Our King - and they should dress accordingly?

12. Demand the removal of the kiss (handshake/hug/smile) of peace during the OF Mass?

13. Demand the entire Church, its Bishops and the priests under Her / his authority stop the never-ending and impromptu modifications to the Sacred Liturgy and say the same OF Mass, the same way at every parish in the world, just like the now-EF Latin Mass is said? 

14. Demand the suppression from active ministry any priest or religious not Faithful to Church Teaching to prevent scandal among us Faithful - especially children?

15. Demand the Bishop's and those under their authority support other Catholic's - religious or lay - who teach and preach on the Moral Laws of Christ and his Church, whether or not the liberal-minded Faithful like what they hear or not?

16. Demand the Faithful who object to #15 either shut-up and sit down or leave the Church?

17. Demand of himself and the Church he/they stop trying to make friends with the world - for it will never happen except with the continual and never-ending Crucifixion and/or destruction of the Church, Her Doctrine and Christ's Moral Laws? 

18. Demand of himself the acceptance that HE IS THE POPE and not some CEO of some international corporation, responsible to the whims, wishes and machinations of the Board of Directors or the shareholders? 

19. Demand that Belgian Bishop Bonny of Antwerp, who caused scandal and confusion to the Faithful by publicly and authoritatively preaching and promoting practice/doctrine/dogma that is against the Magesterium and the Catholic Faith, publicly recant and offer public penance in reparation for his errors?

     <sigh> ... <SIGH> ... <sigh> ...  <SIGH> ... <sigh>

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