July 16, 2014

LifeSite News: Don’t worry, divorce doesn’t hurt anybody...

John Jalsevac of LifeSite News has a gut-wrenching video and a heart-wrenching article on divorce and abandoning spouses that parallels my postings of late and in a much more explicit manner than I could ever hope to do. What I have tried to convey in words about the decimation of a family, the destruction of a childhood and the abandonment of the innocent is brought home in stark, vivid and emotional reality by Will Smith in an episode from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air TV Series. And then there is the accompanying Reddit thread John came upon...

You won't be able to stop the hurt in the pit of your stomach nor the desire to wrap Will Smith into your arms, though neither is possible. But it is enough that you feel it... Be sure and click on the link to read the entire article - its short, but powerful.

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Don’t worry, divorce doesn’t hurt anybody. Oh, except for all these people here…

There’s this famous scene from The Fresh Prince of BelAir where Will Smith’s TV dad, who walked out on him when he was a kid, reappears in his life, only to again ditch Will at the last minute, no explanation given.
Will's reaction to the second abandonment is some of the most heart-breaking TV ever made. Check it out:

But even more heart-breaking is a Reddit thread I came across while looking up more info about that scene. There I found now-grown men and women swapping stories of how their biological parents (usually their dads) simply walked out on them, without warning, when they were kids, leaving them with a lifetime’s regret and insecurities.


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