September 4, 2014

A Respondent Father's Poem and Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray thee, Lord that my Children's Souls you'll keep.

For its been a while since they and I have spoken
Separated as we've been by this uncharitable token,

Of modernist thought to cure marital woes,
That in reality has brought my family nigh unto its death throes.

My children do not know of the Love that's been sustained
Regardless of the thoughts they have, so full of disdain...

For their Father on Earth, yet I plead to Thee for their Understanding
That someday soon they'll know of my everlasting...

Love, that like yours, is never ending,
And hope that Your Truth will someday be...winning.

I pray also this most uncharitable action be shortly corrected,
Lest the Souls of my children be forever directed,

To that place so full of misery and woe, 
Yet I hope, Lord, You will stop them, so...

They may be granted, through their Most Blessed Mother,
The help they require that corrects another, 

Of the human frailties that lead to this matter.
And now, Dear Lord, I pray that rather,

Should I die this night and before I awake,
Please let my children know that, willingly, I take,

My Love for them with me unto Thee
There, forever and together, to live in Eternity.

And there I shall wait in boundless anticipation
For our much needed, much wanted and much desired...Reconciliation.


Copyright 2014 David Heath - All Rights Reserved


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