October 31, 2014

Prayer For Purity

Above Picture Source Unknown, but in my Collection of Prayers


Do you find yourself struggling with sexual temptation? These prayers for purity can give you graces to deal with it! St. Gregory the Great once referred to prayer as “the bulwark [protection] of chastity.” We may never completely break free from “impure thoughts”, as they are often called in examinations of conscience before Confession. Still, we can, with the help of our Lord and His Blessed Mother in prayer, turn away from them when they disturb our peace of mind.
The first of our prayers of purity is addressed first to our Blessed Mother Mary, who was called by St. Alphonsus Liquori “the dispenser of all divine graces”.

"Mary, Mother most pure, and Joseph, chaste guardian of the Virgin, to you I entrust the purity of my soul and body. I beg you to plead with God for me that I may never for the remainder of my life soil my soul by any sin of impurity. I earnestly wish to be pure in thought, word and deed in imitation of your own holy purity.

Obtain for me a deep sense of modesty, which will be reflected in my external conduct. Protect my eyes, the windows of my soul, from anything that might dim the luster of a heart that must mirror only Christ-like purity. And when the “Bread of Angels” becomes my food in Holy Communion, seal my heart forever against the suggestions of sinful pleasures. Finally, may I be among the number of those of whom Jesus spoke, “Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.” Amen."

Above from ourcatholicprayers.com. (All emphasis above mine-Ed.)

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October 29, 2014

Kansas City, KS Archbishop Joseph Naumann: Voters must act to protect the sanctity of marriage

Arise, Fellow Kansans! Defend the Sacrament of Matrimony against the assaults of Satan! Remember the words of Our Lord: "Every one therefore that shall confess me before men, I will also confess him before my Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 10:32) 

 Live Life with God on your side, and you will pass to eternity with the same privilege. Take heed to what Bp. Naumann speaks of in the below video and article and let your "X" on a ballot shine accordingly on November 4th!! - Ed. 

Click Here for Archbishop Naumann's Video Homily on Marriage...

From the Catholic Diocese of Salina:

Voters must act to protect the sanctity of marriage
(Leading up to the November elections, the four bishops in Kansas are reaching out to voters with videos highlighting a key moral issue for them to consider.)

Kansas City, Kan. — Marriage as a covenant of love between one man and one woman is not an arbitrary contrivance of humans but an important part of God’s plan for humanity, says Archbishop Joseph Naumann in a video message for Kansas Catholics.

Archbishop Joseph Naumann

“I never imagined when I was ordained a priest almost 40 years ago that the definition of marriage as a covenant of love between one man and one woman would become controversial,” said the Kansas City, Kan., archbishop.

“Over the last several decades, a culture that supported strong marriages as the foundation for vibrant family life has suffered a catastrophic breakdown. Like falling dominoes, our society has lost respect for the sanctity of marriage, for its permanence, for its openness to life, and now for complementarity of the sexes being an essential component of authentic marriage.”

The breakdown of marriage hurts the most vulnerable — children, the poor and single mothers — as well as the lives of individuals and society as a whole, he said.

Family is the building block for society and marriage is the glue giving families stability and holding them together, he added.

Men and women are different for a reason, he said, with each bringing something different to a marriage and a family.

“Men and women are not interchangeable, while both are indispensable for human life and human flourishing. This is especially true in family life. No man can be a mother to a child, and no woman can be a father. Every child needs and deserves a father and a mother,” the archbishop said.

“I was raised in a single-parent home. I have nothing but the highest respect for single parents who strive heroically to provide for the needs of their children,” he continued. “Similarly, I have the highest esteem for birth mothers who make one of the greatest human sacrifices because of their love and desire for what is best for their child. Adoptive parents are also modern heroes as they provide a loving family life for an adopted child.”

However, he said, the best environment in which a child can grow and mature, he stressed, “is in a family where the child’s mother and father love each other and together love the child that is fruit of their love.”

Public policies traditionally have supported marriage because of its importance to the common good and future of the nation, he said.

Just weeks after his video message was released, the refusal by the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the issue of same-sex marriage has resulted in lower courts’ rulings in favor of same-sex marriage to prevail. Kansas is expected to be one of 30 states that now will allow same-sex couples to marry.

“The almost 50-year erosion of respect for marriage and the essential contribution that married couples provide to society is now culminating in the divisive, polarizing debate over same-sex marriage. The culture has become increasingly hostile, not toward those who want to redefine the most fundamental of all human institutions, but towards those who simply are striving to preserve the notion of marriage as it has been understood for millennia across a wide variety of cultures,” he said.

Catholics must not support political candidates who support same-sex marriage, he stressed.

“To vote for a candidate despite their support for same-sex marriage is only morally an option if there are even more serious moral defects in the policy positions of the opposing candidate,” he noted.

“A majority of states either have constitutional amendments or laws defending the traditional understanding of marriage. Nevertheless, similar to what happened with abortion, judges are intervening to rewrite constitutions and laws,” Archbishop Naumann said. “As voters, we must realize that in addition to the other important responsibilities of the president and governors is the appointment of judges. The United States Senate also has an important responsibility in the confirmation of judicial appointments.”

Christians must work to hard to rebuild a culture that supports marriage and family life, he concluded.

“Culture is the result of individual choices made in the manner we choose to live our lives as well as whom we choose to elect to serve in public office. We have our work cut out for us. Let us begin to rebuild our culture now in renewing our own commitment to family life and in how we choose to vote,” he said.

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October 28, 2014

Rorate Caeli: SSPX "Excommunication" Decree By Italian Diocese

This post from Rorate Caeli just leads back to a previous post I made a couple of weeks ago - Who's On First - and aptly applies to this present finger-waggling from another Diocese. It simply goes against all the God-is-surprise-mercy-compassion-let's-all-just-get-along-as-long-as-long-you-do-what-I-want methodology - certainly it is not Orthodoxy - of the current Hierarchy, including Pope Francis (who nonetheless needs everyone's prayers, mine included). There are so many dichotomies that currently invade and permeate Holy Mother Church it is hard not to just run away and scream: 

- strict enforcement of C. 1108 against SSPX marriages (incl. mine) and yet C. 915 is conveniently ignored with many Catholic politicians who openly and defiantly ignore Moral and Church Law and Christ's Teachings.

- lack of defense and ignoring of Canon Law in preserving First Marriages for the supposed "good" of one Spouse and the willful decimation of a family and yet, the ready acceptance for condoning the grievous sin of adultery for the "good" of a second, illicit and immoral marriage that has children.

- welcoming Adulterers, Homosexuals, Gays, Lesbians, Sodomites (or whatever nice term is currently appropriate in today's Church) as having some perceived "good" to bring to the Church without correcting their sin, and yet, putting out the "Non-Welcome" door mat for a Traditional Order of Priests whose only fault (if such is the word) is promoting the Mass of all Ages, the Mass of Saints, the Mass of Pope St. Pius V, the Mass of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Mass that was not-abrogated-but-was-abrogated-anyway for half a century, the Mass finally restored by Benedict XVI and now seemingly being suppressed by his successor. 

Like the following excerpted article states: 

"...this heavy-handed approach is so disproportionate and so out of tune with the acceptance of all heresy and misbehavior by Italian bishops that it simply will not be taken seriously. Bishops in our age should be careful not to look utterly ridiculous, which is what selective enforcement looks like - less an exercise in authority than a cry for help."

The Church has been crying for help for the past 50 years and the statistics bear this out.

Why can't the forest be seen through the trees? Why can't the silent scream be heard? Why can't learned men see the problem that unlearned laymen already know the answer too?  Ed.


Pope's Close Advisor & Member of Council of Nine Cardinals "Excommunicates" Faithful who go to SSPX Masses - Full Text

- Double standards.
- Selective "mercy".
- Good cop, bad cop.

All very Machiavellian. Not Christian at all, though. But it could be "divine", if we are dealing with "the God of Surprises"...

                                Suburbicarian Diocese of Albano

                           ON THE "SOCIETY OF SAINT PIUS X"

In the past few weeks, requests of clarification have reached the Diocesan Chancery regarding the celebration of Sacraments at the "Society of Saint Pius X" of Albano Laziale.

Regarding it, it is right and proper to point out that the above-mentioned "Society" is not an institution (neither parish, nor association) of the Catholic Church.

This applies even after the decree of the Congregation for Bishops of January 21, 2009, by which the Holy Father Benedict XVI, reaching out in good will in response to reiterated requests by the Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, revoked the excommunication in which the four Prelated had incurred since June 30, 1988.

This was highlighted by Benedict XVI with his Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church of March 10, 2009:"the Society has no canonical status in the Church, and its ministers – even though they have been freed of the ecclesiastical penalty – do not legitimately exercise any ministry in the Church." (in AAS CI [2009], n. 4, p. 272). The same Benedict XVI, in the following Letter m. p. Ecclesiae Unitatem, of July 2, 2009, added: "the remission of the excommunication was a measure taken in the context of ecclesiastical discipline to free the individuals from the burden of conscience constituted by the most serious of ecclesiastical penalties. However, the doctrinal questions obviously remain and until they are clarified the Society has no canonical status in the Church and its ministers cannot legitimately exercise any ministry." (in AAS CI [2009], p. 710-711).

As a consequence of the above, it is right and proper to restate what had been formulated in the Pastoral Note on the Society of Saint Pius X of [former bishop of Albano] Dante Bernini, in which it can be read:

The Catholic faithful cannot participate at Mass, neither request and/or receive Sacraments from or in the Society. Acting otherwise would mean to break communion with the Catholic Church.

Therefore, any Catholic faithful who requests and receives Sacraments in the Society of Saint Pius X, will place himself de facto in the condition of no longer being in communion with the Catholic Church. A readmission to the Catholic Church must be preceded by an adequate personal path of reconciliation, according to the ecclesiastical discipline established by the Bishop.

It is sincerely saddening that such options [measures], particularly when in reference to the Christian Initiation of Children and Adolescents, be in constrast with the pastoral orientations of the Italian Church and, consequently, with the choices of the Diocese of Albano, where formative paths for the growth and maturation of the life of faith are favored.

To the Parish priests, the duty of providing adequate information to the faithful.

From the Albano Chancery, October 14, 2014, Prot. 235/14.

                                                                 + Marcello Semeraro, Bishop.

In our honest opinion, this heavy-handed approach is so disproportionate and so out of tune with the acceptance of all heresy and misbehavior by Italian bishops that it simply will not be taken seriously. Bishops in our age should be careful not to look utterly ridiculous, which is what selective enforcement looks like - less an exercise in authority than a cry for help.


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October 26, 2014

The Alpha and The Omega of Marriage (courtesy of Reba...)

The ALPHA part....the Hollywood version; the Fairies of Fate at work; the deepest desires of two Hearts:

And the OMEGA part...the practical reality; the 7 A.M to 9 P.M Madhouse; the Reason for your Marriage; The Meaning of your Love:

Now...go search Expedia.com

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"He shall come down like rain upon the fleece; and as showers falling gently upon the earth. In his days shall justice spring up, and abundance of peace, till the moon be taken sway. And he shall rule from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. Before him the Ethiopians shall fall down: and his enemies shall lick the ground. The kings of Tharsis and the islands shall offer presents: the kings of the Arabians and of Saba shall bring gifts: 

And all kings of the earth shall adore him: all nations shall serve him." (Psalm 71, 6-11)


From St. John Cantius Parish (Chicago) Website:

"The only way for peace to have a chance in this world is for all to see Him for Who He is: the King before Whom we must bow and Whom we must obey.

Though this Feast is a new one, promulgated by Pope Pius XI in 1925 in his Encyclical Quas Primas, it is a most awesome and important one! Vive Christus Rex!

On this day, we pray for the conversion of all to Christ, and for all governments to recognize Him as King and conform their laws to His teachings. This is the only way to peace!"

"And out of his mouth proceedeth a sharp two-edged sword, that with it he may strike the nations. And he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of God the Almighty. And he hath on his garment and on his thigh written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS" (
Apocalypse 19:15-16)

St. John Cantius: Restoring the Sacred (Video).

A Short History of St. John Cantius Parish

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The Little Way to Love: The Little Way to End Abortion:With Saint Therese ...

One of the best defenses of Human Life I've read in quite some time. I don't know much of the author, Maryann D'Amico, but she appears to be a remarkable woman...if for no other reason than her devotion of Saint Therese. Ed.

The Little Way to Love: The Little Way to End Abortion:With Saint Therese ...

I wrote this song, " The Little Way to End Abortion",18 years ago. I also wrote a book called, " The Little Way to End Abortion." I never knew what to do with the book. I had approached numerous people over the years with it to see if they could help get it published. But, it never worked out.It was not until very recently that I learned how to self -publish. So, I intend to self -publish this book. This video contains rarely seen photo's of the family of Saint Therese of Lisieux. Saint Therese is well known for making her " Little Way" famous. I applied it to end abortion and offered decades of prayer, virtue and sacrifice for the end to abortion. My spiritual name is Therese of the Unborn Jesus.My spiritual mission is to Love by finding and preserving the unborn Jesus in all of humanity.
We all have a spiritual name and a spiritual mission. I am not extraordinary. But, I am aware of my purpose and have been for nearly 40 years.

We cannot work for Peace and pretend abortion is not violent. It is one of the most violent of all acts ever committed on the face of the earth. The violence done to the life of the unborn child is horrific.
The unborn child feels every bit of the pain. Let's not kid ourselves or wish it were another way somehow. It simply just is not. The child screams out in anguish as the abortionist rips apart the body limb by limb.

The body of the unborn baby is sacrificed for the mother who wants to deceive herself into somehow believing it is her right to violently rip apart her baby. The proponents of abortion want to deceive the mother by assuring her the baby won't feel a thing and that she is doing the right thing. I wish to God that were the case. I wish this for the sake of every child whose life was literally ripped apart. But, I also wish it for every mother who will never forget the expected birth date of the child and the death date of the child.

I am 100% Pro-Life. I am 100% Pro-Choice. Even God himself does not take away a persons right to choose. This is why he gave humanity the precious gift of free will. He wanted all to be able to decide for themselves the choices they would make in life. He also wanted all to choose to do the right things. He wanted all to choose to accept responsibility for one's actions. He wanted all to accept the consequences of their actions as well. He most certainly wanted all to choose Life not death. And, He wanted all to act responsibly so as not to be put in situations where bad decisions snowballed out of control to the point of a mother taking the life of her own child.

Other Links:

The Little Way To Love Blog

Official Maryann D'Amico You Tube Page

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October 23, 2014

Les Femmes: Please, Michael, Say it Ain't So?

Because she pretty much mirrors my thoughts on the matter, here is Mary Ann Kreitzer's post on the Michael Voris apology. - Ed. 

Please, Michael, Say it Ain't So?

I have a lot of regard for Michael Voris which made me even more disappointed with this apology which seems misguided to me. You can be in full communion with the Church, respect the papacy, and still criticize the wrong actions of a pope. Of course we are called to respect, pray for, and love the pope as he says. But criticizing the pope's actions is not the same thing as undermining love for the Church or denying that Pope Francis is the duly elected pope. To say otherwise seems to me to be an error. So what if others have used the pope's scandalous situation to gleefully malign him? Wrong as that is, it seems to me to be irrelevant and a red herring with regard to legitimate questioning of papal actions. And to say the laity never have the right to criticize a pope is pure, unadulterated clericalism. Why should it stop at the pope? May the laity question any actions by any clerics? Or are we back to the "pay, pray, and obey" mentality? Consider that Voris has no problem criticizing many other clerics. (I was somewhat shocked at the level of vitriol aimed at Cardinal Dolan in one Vortex, even though I think Dolan's actions are disgraceful.) So is it okay for the laity to criticize deacons, priests, bishops, archbishops, and cardinals, but must be muzzled when it comes to the pope? Did the laity have no voice when Arians and other scandalous men occupied the chair of Peter? That seems absurd to me.



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October 21, 2014

The Eponymous Flower: Archbishop Wilton Gregory Promotes "Gay Pride" March

Fluffly-wuffly (c)atholicism; false Mercy and and even falser Compassion; (REDACTED). Hear No Evil - See No Evil - Speak No Evil - it seems to be the modern mantra being firmly espoused by the Catholic Church.

God Help Us...Our Lady of Sorrows, Pray For Us and For the Enlightenment of Our Bishops and Pope! 

From The Eponymous Flower:

Archbishop Wilton Gregory Promotes "Gay Pride" March in Atlanta

Edit: We just received this on the 17th of this month about the usual abuse of Catholic heritage and resulting sacrilege for the usual disordered proclivity in the name of mercy. What's particularly tragic about this is the provenance of this parish as a Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Archbishop Wilton Daniel Gregory, former President of the UCCB and current Archbishop of Atlanta, has authorized the use of The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and support for participating in the secular Gay Pride Parade. The event took place on October 14th and the Shrine is listed as a sponsor endorsing the event.

The laity in Atlanta has done nothing, and a cursory search of the internet shows no concern about this event, either.


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October 20, 2014

October 19, 2014

And the Gates of Hell shall not Prevail against it...

I won't attempt to analyze the happenings of the Synod since the High Noon occurrence of October 13th. Suffice to say it did not end with Cardinal Baldisserri and his gang riding off into the sunset, their kidnapped Bride (The Church) in the wagon with them. "Will Kane" once again emerged the victor, only this time the He did not throw his badge into the dirt after saving the Bride and then ride away. This time He just shook his head in disgust and disbelief, awestruck at the sheer audacity shown by the bad guys, that they really thought they could kidnap His Bride and get away with it. Or of the townsfolk, who thought Him accepting of their desires. "Nope", he opines to to no one in particular, "You had plenty of warning of what I would do...what I always have done. Don't ever again mistake my seemingly benign persona as a weakness to be exploited." 

If Cardinal Baldisserri can be thought of as "Frank Miller", then it remains that Will Kane is, quite evidently, The Holy Ghost - He "Who governest the Church".  The Holy Ghost, the "Author of all good", re-wrote the Relatio. It was The Holy Ghost, the "Consuming fire", that quenched the immoral desires of a few. Finally, it was The Holy Ghost, the "Spirit of the fear of the Lord" who reminded His Princes to "inspire in us the practice of good", to "make us persevere in justice" and to "lead us in the way of salvation". In short, The Holy Ghost, through His agents (Cardinals Burke, Napier and Pell at the forefront) orchestrated the coupe. Or was it a coup de grace

In either case, October 13th was the watershed moment that blew the facade off of the true intent of the Synod from its beginning, which was to-change-without-changing the Sacrament of Matrimony and redefine the nuclear family to accommodate those who wish to persevere in grave sin, all in the name of "mercy" and "compassion". To welcome them back into full communion, without requiring of them what all the rest of us have to do when we are in grave sin, is not "mercy" - it is a death warrant to the Soul. To welcome them back into full communion through "compassion" for the extenuating circumstance of having children born of a second marriage, is to show disdain and a severe lack of "compassion" to the children born of the first, who truly desire - if asked - nothing more than the return of the abandoning Parent unceremoniously ripped from their midst. Where, I've asked before, is the Mercy and Compassion shown to them? Since when have the needs of the many suddenly been outweighed by the wants of the few? There is mercy, compassion and justice for the Middle East, but is none left for the innocent Spouses and their children?? 

What was and is lacking in the constant "mercy and compassion" meme is the third member of this triumvirate - Justice.  If Mercy and Compassion are the two legs of the triangle, their base is Justice. Absent justice, and you have nothing to keep the other two secure. Thomas Aquinas recognized the relationship between mercy and justice, writing: “Mercy without justice is the mother of dissolution; [and] justice without mercy is cruelty.”  Our Lord showed mercy and compassion to the woman at the well, but also justice when he said "... Thou hast said well, I have no husband: For thou hast had five husbands: and he whom thou now hast, is not thy husband." Likewise with St. Mary Magdalene, he showed the same mercy and compassion when he said "...Woman, where are they that accused thee? Hath no man condemned thee? Who said: No man, Lord. And Jesus said: Neither will I condemn thee." His justice, however, came in the very next sentence:"...Go, and now sin no more." 

 And yet, certain Synod participants would have had us believe that this means not to "go and sin no more" but "if you can only not sin on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, as those are Traditional Ember days, this means you show a penitential spirit and therefore you can receive the Body and Blood of Christ, as determined by me, Your Bishop, but remember...you must continue to gradually return yourself to full communion by not sinning any more, sort of like a 12-step nicotine patch... you know what those are, right?"  

It's never going to work unless Justice remains intact. You can't expect others in the throes of other types of mortal sin to not ask for the same leniency, can you? It's not very Realistic, Merciful or Compassionate if you don't, is it? If gradualness can be applied to divorced and remarried, can it not also be applied to others as well? With whom would it end? It's a mess in the making. They have a year to figure it all out and a critical choice to make: grab the Bride and make a new putsch or face the wrath of "Will Kane" once again. 

The ending has already been written: "...And the Gates of Hell shall not Prevail against it." 

What I find hard to believe is why certain people don't believe it.

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October 18, 2014

And the world knew Peace...

Cardinal Kasper needs to be re-assigned to a cloistered monastery, run by a Rosalind-Russell type Mother Superior, that is located in Africa, as far in the interior as is possible and still have outside communication with the world, but only via the fastest runner in the Convent school, who runs to the nearest town 150 miles away, where he passes off a letter to the local postman, who hops in his tuk-tuk and traverses the rut-infested roads to a dirt-strip airport 10 miles away, where it's handed off to a bush pilot who then crash lands on a deserted island that's never been charted, there to languish in perpetuity - along with Cardinal Kasper's latest meaningless pronouncements to the Pope.

Thereby causing a new springtime in the Catholic Church, full of Orthodoxy and 2,000 year-old Tradition.

And the world knew Peace.

(Oh...and the pilot gets rescued, but the letter doesn't...)

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October 17, 2014

"Click Here To Email..."

I am convinced it's a scam, pure and simple. Those little "Click here to email so-and-so" are just dummy buttons that lead to internet-nowhere. Oh..they may let you send an email alright, but its just a placebo to make you feel good about yourself. Do you really believe you'll get an answer?

                   HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH!.....
                        Heh! heh!heh!...


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October 16, 2014

Musical Interlude: "Sunset", Performed by Alexandra Kovatch and Pascal Strong

Take a break from all the distressing news emanating from Rome and enjoy "Sunset", an original harp and cello composition arranged by Pascal Strong. The harp is played by Alexandra Kovatch, with Paschal playing the cello. Both Alexandra and Pascal's families are from St. Marys, KS.

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October 15, 2014



Confírma hoc, Deus, quod operátus es in nobis...

"We beg you, Lord, to look on these your servants, and graciously to uphold the institution of marriage established by you for the continuation of the human race, so that they who have been joined together by your authority may remain faithful together by your help. Through Christ our Lord. Amen." (Rite of Marriage During Mass - Ordo Celebrandi Matrimonii Sacramentum, April 2, 1964 (1962 Missal)

                                       AND YES...
                  I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER...


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October 14, 2014

Who's On First? (in Rome)

It seems the Princes and Shepherds are having a PR nightmare. Especially with these headlines:

Cardinal on his own Report's paragraphs on homosexuality: "Ask him! I didn't write this, the author must know what he meant!"
3 - Müller on Censorship: "I say what I must say"

And these are just from Rorate Caeli...

What is going on in Rome is not meant to be funny and hilarious. But sadly, that is exactly what the above headlines indicate. 

It reminds me of this:

These are the successors to the Apostles and Princes of the Church! If THEY don't know who's on First, then God help us... 

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The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines Anarchy thusly:

an·ar·chy noun \ˈa-nər-kē, -ˌnär-\
: a situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws. 

I think this aptly describes the attitude of the German Bishops as they crow and strut their open defiance to Rome, the CDF and Catholic Teaching on divorced and remarried Catholics - without a valid annulment- lawfully receiving Holy Communion. The German Episcopal Conference must believe itself above the law and therefore not controlled or bound by rules. 

In a recent article in the National Catholic Reporter on Communion for divorced Catholics, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, the Chairman of the German Episcopal Conference, recently stated "...a prefect is not the pope." That is correct, Dear Bishop...but the Head of the CDF rules in the name of the Pope, being appointed by him and as such you are bound to submit to his authority. To deny, disrespect or combat that authority is open violation of those duties, not only to the Holy Father himself, but also to Archbishop Gerard Muller. So...why are you giving bad example and scandal by not submitting to lawful authority? If you disagree, disagree privately, but follow the law regardless, and be a good example to those under your own authority. You have no defense if your fellow bishops, priests or seminarians disobey you, because you give the example to them of your own disobedience - no big deal, right?? RIGHT??

And what of those abandoned spouses in your dioceses - the victims of unwanted divorces - who have chosen to remain faithful to their first vows, spouses and families? How does this defiance of yours show "pastoral care" to them, if you get your wishes - with or without Rome's approval - to allow those living in Mortal sin to suddenly be able to receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord, without first correcting their sin? Why would any Catholic in your dioceses want a Catholic wedding, when you will have gutted two-thirds of the marriage bona by allowing this travesty in your Churches? Our Lord himself condemns those who receive Him unworthily, and you would also defy Him, as well as Rome, with this psuedo-dystopian, all inclusive, can't-we-all-just-be-friends-of-christ dream?

If you want to do your own thing, then please leave the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church and start the German equivalent of the "God-Is-Love-In-All-Forms-German-Catholic-Church, INC" and set your own rules and rites. If you don't want to do that, then please submit to those in Lawful Authority over you, bite your tongue and make it bleed and uphold Catholic Teaching, especially on Marriage. You will find your pews and coffers much fuller in a short amount of time once you do so.

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"War Is Upon You..."

Theoden: "I will not risk open war."

Aragorn: "Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not."

I wrote the below comment to Jeff Culbreath's post Denounce the Synod over at New SherwoodIt is a comment I should just cut-and-paste to each and every bloggers post on the latest (what do you call it?) coming from the gathering of those who call themselves Shepherds (who would never have charge over MY sheep! Well, except for maybe the Cardinal Burke-like one's...):

"It's becoming more hard by the day to give the honor, respect and obedience due the Hierarchy - including the Pope - when every day you see/read/hear of them rejecting the traditional "good order and discipline" of the Catholic "family". Every day they more and more tell us black is now grey, and yes is now maybe, and mortal sin is now not so bad and Our Lord is just oh-so-merciful and he won't condemn us for receiving HIM unworthily. It is difficult not to run screaming from the house.

But where else is there to go? Nowhere. So you stay and just remain a part of the family, but you resist, you disobey, you challenge... everything that goes against "the good order and discipline" of the family and that is detrimental to your and your families Salvation - and continue to pray like hell. Especially the Rosary, the only weapon that can stop this madness."

And over at Catholic Family News, John Vennari has a post up:

URGENT! Write to Nuncio! Synod Poised to Surrender Catholic Morals

where he asks us all to:

"...WRITE TO United States Nuncio to demand NO CHANGE WHATSOVER on the Catholic teaching and practice on marriage, family life and perverse lifestyles, and to demand absolute fidelity to the received teaching of the Church, as found in Pius XI’sCasti Cannubii. Please let the Nuncio know you will not accept any alteration of Catholic Morals or Catholic practice related to morals."

and gives the Papal Nuncio's email address and other contact information. 

I strongly urge one and all to write to the Nuncio - I did - and protest this travesty to your Faith and Family. He also has a brief summary from the Synod.

"Open war is upon you..."

Indeed it is...

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October 13, 2014

St. Mary's College, Kansas: When Jesuits Ruled the Plains

Ed. note: This is just a short historical narrative, compiled from various internet sources, that was prompted by a cemetery visit, as described below. The links themselves are fascinating and quite interesting - and one could almost say "Sinful", as many hours could be taken up at a computer reading them all! The links to various historical sites, people and pages are throughout. 

St. Marys College - Old Campus

Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Saint Marys is "home" to many of the Jesuits who played an integral part in the early history of St. Marys College, as well as Northeast Kansas. A fairly mild Sunday afternoon recently called me to make good use of its bounty (and also a Spiritual Work of Mercy) and found me visiting the graves of the Jesuits who had staffed or had been a part of the College in its early history (the most recent headstone was from the mid-1960's).

There are two sections, the older one in the center:

"Fathers and Brothers Society of Jesus" (hopefully my translation is correct)

And the newer section just a few feet away across the drive: 

The Jesuits here were a cosmopolitan mix, judging by the Headstones:

which included at least one American:

A quick internet search found that two of the above priests live on (in print):

Fr. Francis Xavier De Coen - Is mentioned in the book: The Life of Rev. Charles Nerinckx,  a Rootsweb article: The History Of Our Cradle Land, and a bio by Mary Gentges here, which includes mention of a 4 year old girl who saw his Soul on its way to Heaven upon his death at the Mission in July 1861, as related by her to Fr. De Coen's good friend, Fr. Maurice Gailland. 

Fr. Nicholas Schlechter - Is mentioned in Ch. 14 of the book: The Mission of Central Missouri - Jesuits

The College, the Jesuits and the Potawatomi Indian's relationship started as early as 1641, when St. Issac Jogues and Fr. Charles Raymbaut met representatives of the Potawatomi tribe at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Fr. Jacque Marquette, during his 1673 explorations of the Mississippi River, also met up with the Potawatomi. From these early beginnings, the Jesuits and Potawatomi intertwined throughout the next century, up until the Jesuit suppressions of 1773 left them with no "Black Robes" to sustain their Faith. In 1805, the ban was lifted and a new foundation was built from the remaining older Jesuits in Maryland.  Of the many young men from Belgium who answered the call for missionaries was John Felix Verreydt, one of the first Jesuit novices in Florissant, Missouri and who would later become the founder of St. Mary's, where he labored until his return to St. Louis in 1849. 

The Potawatomi Indians of Kansas were originally from the area near Twin Lakes, Indiana, but had been ordered to move to new lands west of the Mississippi River by the treaty of 1836. The leader of those who resisted the move - Chief Menominee - refused to sign the treaty that would remove him and 859 others from their ancestral home. He was forced to go, however, treated as a prisoner, as were the other tribal leaders. The Potawatomi made a forced march that started September 4, 1838 and ended with their arrival at a new reservation near Osawatomie, Kansas on November 4, 1838. Behind them lay the graves of over 40 members, who died of old age, disease and the stress of a forced march. The history of this march is known officially as The Potawatomi Trail of Death. More information on the March and other historical facts can be found here.

One of the marchers was "... their beloved Chichipe-Outipe..." or "Little Duck". Though a man of small stature, he was nevertheless much loved and was responsible for ministering to the sick by order of the military commander. Though other medical personnel were available, it was always "Little Duck" to whom the preference was given by the Potawatomi. He marched with them, lived with them and ministered to them, whether medically with sugared tea (which was about all they had to help the sick) or with the Power of his Holy Priesthood through numerous baptisms and burials along the trail. Father Benjamin Marie Petit - "Little Duck" or "Father Black Robe" - lived to see his beloved Potawatomi handed over to his confrere, Father Christian Hoecken at the then Sugar Creek Mission near Centerville, Kansas (now known as St. Philippine Duchesne Memorial Park.) Father Petit died shortly afterwards on February 10, 1839 in St. Louis, MO, on his journey back to Vincennes, Indiana, from complications from severe illness incurred during the march. He was buried in St. Louis, but in 1856 his body was transported back to Indiana, where it now rests under the Log Chapel at the University of Notre Dame. He is remembered in the Church as a Martyr of Charity. (More history of Fr. Petit can be found on this page and a diary of Fr. Christian Hoecken can be found here. )

Father Benjamin Marie Petit, from an oil portrait by George Winter, frontier artist, in 1838.

One tribe of the Potawatomi moved further west of Osawatomie, to St. Marys in 1848-49 and since an 1861 treaty, has been known as the Citizen Band of Potawatomi, now headquartered in Oklahoma. Locally, they have a Community Center in Rossville, Kansas, 6 miles east of St. Marys.

Click on the links below to read of the early Jesuit founding of the mission, college and their apostolate:

Early Years at St. Mary's Potawatomie Mission (31 page PDF from the Kansas Historical Society)

1827 - 1847: Early Jesuit Contacts with the Indians of Kansas

1848 - 1869: The Mission at St. Mary's: Pioneer Days

Bishop John Baptist Miége - a short biography of his life and his works in Kansas

Click the links below for more interesting history of the Jesuits, the College and North East Kansas:

1869 - 1931: St. Mary's College: A New Direction (With Pictures)

1931 - 1967: The Seminary Years

1967 - 1978: The Silent Years

The college grounds have been owned by the Society of St. Pius X since 1978, with an Academy (K-12, separate Boys and Girls Schools) and College (Associates Degree - Liberal Arts, Catholic Teacher Prep Program). In the tradition of the 1931 - 1967 Seminary Years, the Academy, College and residents of Saint Marys are still producing seminarians, having 15 currently enrolled at 2 of the 6 SSPX's Seminaries - Winona, MN and Goulburn, Australia.

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October 11, 2014

Divorce and the Respondent

"Do you know, daughter, for what reason I send crosses to souls dear to me? I desire to possess their souls, entirely, and for this I surround them with crosses, and I enclose them in sufferings and tribulation, that they may not escape from my hands; and for this I scatter thorns, that souls may fasten their affections upon no one, but find all con­tent in Me alone. My daughter, if you do not feel the cross it cannot be called a cross. Be sure that under the cross you will not be lost. The demon has no strength against those souls who for My love groan under the cross."  - Our Lord to St. Gemma Galgani (my emphasis)

Yes...carrying your Marital Cross for both you and your Spouse will be your beginning and what you will be doing until the end of your life. Assuming, of course, that you have not and will not ever fall prey to the god of divorce, that you have taken your vows seriously and will continue to live and to Honor them. Despite a Divorce. Despite any Annulment. Despite the modern world's ridicule of your choosing God over Man, Divine Law over civil law.

Prepare for your confidence in your Faith and principles to be branded arrogant; your challenges to marital solubility divisive. You will be called a liar by your children, mentally impaired by your spouse and a rigorist by your friends.  If you also start quoting definitive sources to validate your principles and positions - be it St. Thomas Aquinas or St. Matthew or Christ Himself - you will watch them walk away shaking their heads over your "obstinacy". Much like Our Lord had to endure when so many walked away shaking their heads after hearing His doctrine and Immutable Truth. 

Are you having self-doubts that you are right? Why? Your positions are all well grounded in Catholic Teaching, Canon Law and Christ's own words. And most importantly, you have the Grace of the Sacrament available to you if you call for help. You are armed to the teeth with the Objective Truth. You don't have a reason for doubt! YOU are right and your spouse is wrong! (See my previous posts here, here, and here.) Remember that Christ endured far worse than what you will endure, though please don't think I make light of the Cross you have been asked to carry (or may already be carrying.) I have friends who have been carrying this Cross two or three times longer than even I, and have endured far worse experiences. My sole point is this: that with Christ and the Saints on your side, why fear what man - or spouse for that matter - may do?. 

Robert Schuller, the televangelist and certainly not possessing of the One True Faith - once said a very Catholic statement: "Trust In God, Believe In Yourself, Dare To Dream". Regarding this particular matter, he is right - Trust in God as you have His firm foundation upon which to build your future - with or without spouse in tow. Believe In Yourself (read: Be Confident!) that your actions in defense of your marriage and your children are correct and in accordance with your Vow and your Vocation, though realizing also that you're going to make mistakes. Dare to Dream (and most certainly pray) the reality that you and your spouse will one day be re-united, if not on earth then certainly in Heaven. (She/He is still the Mother/Father of your children and deserves no less of your prayers to that end.) 

Get prepared to be financially raped, and the more children you have to support, the worse it will be. You will be ordered to give up two-thirds (or more, in some cases) of your pay to support your children (given willingly) and your disaffected spouse (not so much). You will be eating $.99 frozen dinners and discounted hamburger will become your Filet Mignon. You will spend more time than you should in front of the TV, as you will find it difficult to get up off your arse because the very incentive that drove you - your family -  has been unceremoniously stripped from your grasp. You will constantly berate yourself and claim sole proprietorship of this matter because you believe you have to (after all...you are the Head, right?) despite being told otherwise by your Confessor. Though you will eventually see the dawn of that particular Marital Truth, you will still have to fight to keep subdued the martyr-for-the-cause meme. The battle of Wills with your Spouse will leave you sapped and ready to just throw in the towel (after all, you do have an annulment, so its OK-right? Why be unhappy? Why be sad?) You will inwardly cry at being reprimanded by spouse and children for doing your Moral duty, but will always find the necessary Graces to trudge onwards despite the human emotions thrown back at you. 

You will spend - or should, anyway - more time at Church before the Blessed Sacrament than you ever did before, in part because you need something to fill the numerous time-slots in your day, but mostly because you need the Strength and Fortitude He gives. You will talk to Our Lord and Our Lady quite often, for though many agree chatting with another human helps ease your sorrow, you will find your only true relief - fleeting though it may sometimes seem - will come from vocalizing with the only Two who can Truly help.

All my writings trend predominantly from the husband-respondent viewpoint, because I am one. But the wife-respondent also must be considered. Their plight is no less a travesty than the the husbands, but certainly takes on a new - and obviously heavier - Cross, simply because many are or have been stay-at-home wives and Mothers before being forced to pick up what remains of a now decimated family and "move on" to a new life and an ill-prepared-for job. Abandoned by a supposedly "luving" spouse, they weep over those solemn vows spoken to them and that they now know had about as much meaning to him as washing away a bug on the windshield of his car - a car which now, in all likelihood, carries Princess Charming #2, rather than you...

An abandoned wife and friend - who, like me, has chosen to remain Faithful to her vows and to her Spouse - has graciously consented to give you a first-person account of what awaits the potential or actual wife-respondent (Ed. note: brackets [ ] indicate additions by me for clarity and context):

"In the years since then, my standard of living went from being a financially mid upper class lifestyle stay at home mother working barely part time [as] my income [was] not needed, to needing money from my elderly mother to buy groceries....I broke the news to our then-14 year old daughter - her body shaking with the tears, I assured her that I did not want this, that I would fight it. So -called Catholic friends [and] family all said the same thing- go find a new boyfriend. [This] at first it shocked me that they would say this- we were not even divorced, just separated... the local parish pastor who initially had wanted to 'help" us, told my husband in a private meeting...that...maybe he would be able to Get an annulment. [M]y husband told me this with such glee in his expression [that] within two weeks...he had moved out of our family home."

Divorce solves all marital woes, right? Divorce grants "happiness", right? Divorce allows for "Renewal", right?  My friend is not yet done with her story, however:

"I struggled. I wrestled with God, with depression, with the deep sadness of being abandoned, thrown away. [S]o sad- that in this world- so many like him choose a seemingly easy, happy path in this life...over faithfulness to the wife of his youth. [N]ow, past my childbearing years, I am thrown away, no longer useful it seems."

All the above - in all its fetid splendor - is what awaits you if you choose the wrong path. You know...the one with the wide gate?? The gate "...that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat." Do not be fooled! Do not fall prey to the sultry divorce-sirens singing softly in your ear! Divorce is not your friend! Divorce is a grave offense against the natural law and does injury to the covenant of salvation (CCC #2384). It is also immoral, brings grave harm to the deserted spouse and to the children and is a plague on society (CCC #2385). How can anything this harmful be - in even the most simplest of terms - considered "good"??? Why is "What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder" so hard to understand?

How do I conclude this post...this warning...this plea? Partly, I must go to where I have before - a music video (there is always one that seems to fit.) Listen, Abandoning Spouses, and you will find the words your Faithful Spouses speak to you within their hearts and with their Passions, every other weekend:

Every Other Weekend - Reba McEntire from C3 Churches on Vimeo.

This below conclusion, however, is much more apropos. It follows the path back to the very beginning, to the vows we all have taken, but slightly modified to fit present reality...to fit the Cross willingly carried:

"I, Your Faithful Spouse, will continue to take you, my Abandoning Spouse, as my still lawfully wedded Spouse despite your divorce, or in Spirit only if our marriage is declared null, to have and to hold always, from the day of our Separation forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, in health, even in abandonment, until death do us part."

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UPDATE: RIP Richard +2014 / Prayer Request: Richard Collins @ Linen On the Hedgerow

From:  LINEN ON THE HEDGEROW (via Mundabor's Blog):


It is with great personal sadness that we, the Collins Family, must inform the loyal followers of Linen on the Hedgerow, that our beautiful father, husband and grandfather, Richard Collins, has died peacefully at home this morning surrounded by those who loved him most.  He was blessed to receive the Last Rites and Holy Mass was celebrated in the Extraordinary Form at his bedside.  Please pray for the repose of his soul.

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.  May he rest in peace. Amen.


Via Mundabor, a worthy and charitable request:

Linen On The Hedgerow: Let’s Storm Heaven!

No time to go into details now.
Mr Richard Collins is still alive.
There is an initiative to pray Pope Venerable Pius XII for his miraculous healing.
My take: let's do this!
Let us stop heaven with our prayers! But let us all pray to the same man, Pope Pius XII!
If the miracle happens, this will be used towards his beatification and/or canonisation. If it does not happen, it will be many more prayers for Mr Collins anyway.
Let us storm heaven! Reblog this, or link, or encourage your readers to do the same!

Ed. Note: Richard and I have linked sites almost since the day this blog was started...

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