October 1, 2014

I Protest...

- Bishops who sin with impunity and then promote the lie as being a promoter and defender of The One True Faith every time they are seen in public in clerical garb.

- Bishops who tacitly give their permission for Catholic officials and politicians who publicly support abortion and contraception to receive Holy Communion - without fear of reprisal, and at the same time willingly signs the document that destroys a marriage and a family because the spouses were married in their diocese by an SSPX Priest - without permission. 

- a Pope who willingly punishes Orthodox, Tradition-minded priests for doing what they have always done for a thousand years, and at the same time willingly cavorts with liberal clerics who would see the Sacrament of Matrimony neutered by destroying two-thirds of the marriage bonum.

- Bishops who are more concerned with saving Mother Earth for man than they are with saving Souls for the Mother of God. 

- Bishops who close thriving, EF parishes for no apparent reasonable cause.

- a Bishop who willingly participates in a once-(c)atholic festival after giving permission to those involved in open and morally corrupt lifestyles to participate that can and will bring harm to innocent Souls who watch.

- an Orthodox, Traditional Bishop's removal for no apparent-to-me valid reason, whose diocesan statistics far surpass those of his more modern neighbors.

- Bishops who fail to enforce Canon Law and allow spouses to civilly divorce without their permission.

- Bishops who fail to enforce Canon Law by ignoring the requirement to seek the reconciliation of spouses who separate.

- Bishops who fail to support their diocesan priests who, in applying Catholic Teaching, doctrine and morals, cause emotional angst amongst their flock and are then subsequently sanctioned or neutered. 

- Bishops who are blinded by the failures of Vatican II and yet still see a new springtime on the horizon - for the 5th decade in a row. 

- a Pope who banishes an openly conservative and Orthodox Cardinal to a quiet corner at 66 to live out his years in relative obscurity, for the sole sin of challenging un-orthodox, protestant and liberal ideas and proposals as well as for upholding the Teachings and Doctrine of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

If I weren't already a Catholic...

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