October 26, 2014

The Little Way to Love: The Little Way to End Abortion:With Saint Therese ...

One of the best defenses of Human Life I've read in quite some time. I don't know much of the author, Maryann D'Amico, but she appears to be a remarkable woman...if for no other reason than her devotion of Saint Therese. Ed.

The Little Way to Love: The Little Way to End Abortion:With Saint Therese ...

I wrote this song, " The Little Way to End Abortion",18 years ago. I also wrote a book called, " The Little Way to End Abortion." I never knew what to do with the book. I had approached numerous people over the years with it to see if they could help get it published. But, it never worked out.It was not until very recently that I learned how to self -publish. So, I intend to self -publish this book. This video contains rarely seen photo's of the family of Saint Therese of Lisieux. Saint Therese is well known for making her " Little Way" famous. I applied it to end abortion and offered decades of prayer, virtue and sacrifice for the end to abortion. My spiritual name is Therese of the Unborn Jesus.My spiritual mission is to Love by finding and preserving the unborn Jesus in all of humanity.
We all have a spiritual name and a spiritual mission. I am not extraordinary. But, I am aware of my purpose and have been for nearly 40 years.

We cannot work for Peace and pretend abortion is not violent. It is one of the most violent of all acts ever committed on the face of the earth. The violence done to the life of the unborn child is horrific.
The unborn child feels every bit of the pain. Let's not kid ourselves or wish it were another way somehow. It simply just is not. The child screams out in anguish as the abortionist rips apart the body limb by limb.

The body of the unborn baby is sacrificed for the mother who wants to deceive herself into somehow believing it is her right to violently rip apart her baby. The proponents of abortion want to deceive the mother by assuring her the baby won't feel a thing and that she is doing the right thing. I wish to God that were the case. I wish this for the sake of every child whose life was literally ripped apart. But, I also wish it for every mother who will never forget the expected birth date of the child and the death date of the child.

I am 100% Pro-Life. I am 100% Pro-Choice. Even God himself does not take away a persons right to choose. This is why he gave humanity the precious gift of free will. He wanted all to be able to decide for themselves the choices they would make in life. He also wanted all to choose to do the right things. He wanted all to choose to accept responsibility for one's actions. He wanted all to accept the consequences of their actions as well. He most certainly wanted all to choose Life not death. And, He wanted all to act responsibly so as not to be put in situations where bad decisions snowballed out of control to the point of a mother taking the life of her own child.

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