January 25, 2014

“In Sickness and in health...”

Msgr. Charles Pope of The Archdiocese of Washington had a post yesterday that, as a very select few Hollywood movies  have already done ("The Notebook", for one), defines what "...in sickness and in health..." truly means. 

Msgr. Pope writes (my boldness):

"First, its title “In sickness…” is a reminder of one of the aspects of the marital vow, namely, that the spouses will remain true and faithful to each other “in sickness and in health. The video shows the power of faithful and abiding love to bring healing, consolation, and peace in some of life’s darkest hours. The opening darkness and delirium of the sick man gives way quickly when his wife embraces him in love.  The confident conclusion of the medical doctor (who in the dream is not able to stave off the attack) is based firmly on the fact that the man is in the care and embrace of his loving wife. All is well. Love conquers even death."

As for us who have chosen to remain Faithful to our first vows, picture the video without the spouse-heroine and you will know the sacrificial - and perhaps terrifying - decision we have willingly made. To Honor Our Lord, our vows and our spouses, we have chosen to face these demons alone, devoid of any Love, companionship and comfort from our spouses, as we lie in some forgotten old folks home, surrounded only by the clinically detached medical personnel waiting for the tell-tale straight-line readout of the heart monitor. Alone, that is, except for Our Lord Jesus Christ...

Intended as such or not by its creators, this defense of the marital vows is from an award-winning 2011 cartoon short. Read the Monsignor's full post and watch the video “In Sickness and in health,” as seen in a powerful cartoon.

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