January 26, 2014

Some Hard Truths...

The article: Some Hard Truths about Divorce and Communion

My posted comment:

"Why is the Church trying to accommodate Catholics who have voluntarily and willfully committed grievous sin by marrying outside the Church without a valid annulment? Adultery is forbidden by the 6th Commandment. Adultery is forbidden by God's Law. Why is the Church trying to change what God Himself has decreed to Moses?  If the divorced and re-marrieds wish to gain full communion with the Church, then rectify the situation they willingly and knowingly placed themselves in by seeking the proper pastoral care within already established Church Law. It is or will be an injustice to those who remain in less than "happy" marriages, those who have "happy" marriages and especially those of us who have chosen to honor our first and only vows and spouse after their civil divorce, if the Church suddenly changes the requirements of Sacramental Marriage to accommodate those living in grievous sin,without the requisite correction of the sin that now separates them from full communion. Two-thirds of the three marriage bonum will effectively be declared null, for permanency and fidelity will no longer be a requirement of the Sacrament.  The Church will have finally codified what is already known publicly - divorce is fully accepted by the Catholic Church and will now offer no restrictions on receiving the Body and Blood of Our Lord. "Go and sin no more" will have become passe' and meaningless, much like Catholic Marriage when the number of weddings drop precipitously because there will only be the requirement to be open to children left as a bonum, Fidelity and Permanency having been declared "unconstitutional".

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