February 6, 2014

Feelings, My Way...

I'm going to get into trouble here, but then I'm still recuperating so I have an easy out if the wickets get sticky....I'll blame it on the medicines.

I was joking with another gentlemen in the office today about how he keeps filling up my "IN" basket with orders after I work so hard to move them to the "OUT" one. The Frank Sinatra tune "My Way" was brought up, followed quickly by Morris Albert's "Feelings". I - being the only aren't-you-divorced-and-annulled-so-why-are-you-still-wearing-your-wedding-ring employee in the office - immediately tied the chat into the divorce culture prevalent today by saying that "Feelings" is the meme that the divorce culture embraces, especially with the Catholics since the divorced and re-marrieds keep complaining about their feelings being squashed (by their own Free Will, mind... but I digress). And if the former can be embraced as the meme, then Ole Blue Eye's song can most certainly be embraced as their anthem, for the Catholics do divorce "my way", meaning just like any other rank and file spouse who suddenly wakes up and discovers they have not been fulfilled all those years, and... well, ya know, I need to be happy, ya know!!??!? You are such a jerk, Ya know, and, like... I didn't really love ya, ya know?? (Where are those bell-bottoms!? Where is that mini!? Sure hope they still fit...)

Yes, I know...who am I to judge?  Why so, so...critical, unmerciful, rigid, uncaring, stoic??  Why? Because I am an abandoned spouse who neither solicited nor wanted a divorce, who resisted and still resists the affects of said divorce and who - despite it all - still Loves the Woman who started it all with everything I can muster (and truthfully, somedays it does take a lot to muster it). And who now also must be content with being the silent third leg of an unrequited Love Triangle.

I'm not going to post the words to the songs - you can easily find them on the web - but if you care to look them up, it's not hard to equate the words within the context of this post. To me, anyway, both sets of lyrics fit the struggle. And the pain. And the hope.

So, without further delay...

Hmmm. In 1975, I was just starting my tour at RAF Upper Heyford near Oxford, UK. Nice place, many fond memories, loved the people and the locale.

(Of course, the only True "My Way" is Our Lord Jesus Christ.)

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