February 13, 2014

I left work early yesterday. Not because I was sick, though...at least not the physical kind. I was sick in the Soul... disturbed...unsettled. I was hurting, and grievously so.

Why? Because my children have suddenly become a marketable commodity, to be used as a means to an end...a means to glory in the evil that is divorce. A means to promote the value of self... A means to ensure the happiness of the one, rather than the happiness of the many.

My children's future as dictated by her divorce has finally been given a price tag and that price is just too much to give up apparently. The realized potential of ten or twenty or thirty thousand dollars from a home sale has just trumped the privilege - I will even say the Moral Right - of my children to enjoy a legacy of their own, by the refusal of an offer to place that home in a Trust rather than be sold. What Parent would not sacrifice themselves - their very lives if necessary - to ensure the future of their children? Well, I have found out the answer to that question and it made me sick.

It was a sickness that was only able to be borne by offering it all at the Altar of Our Lady. It was there I drove to talk to the one Person who would understand, who would have already felt the pain and the misery that enveloped me, and Who had the one prescription that had any hope of relieving the pain I was in - A Mothers Love. And so it was there I knelt, there I poured out my misery and tears, there I re-gained the Peace of Soul that has been my mainstay these past 3-1/2 years. And it was there I stood and turned to Her as I left and begged again for Her Mothers' embrace. She did not fail to be the Mother we all know and Love, the Mother Who sacrificed Self for Her Child, the Mother who knew the sacrifice of the needs of one parent would forever feed the needs of the many children - and did not hesitate to make that sacrifice.

This madness is far from over and she and I will soon meet on the battlefield of a secular courtroom, where our children's best interests will be sliced and diced on the altar of divorce for the third time (or is the fourth?) The secular judge, who in our past battles has shown more prudence and reason in his decisions than I could ever expect from her, will set and listen as she tries to convince this judge of her right to move out of state with our minor children. And where he will set and listen as I try to stop the further decimation and destruction of a family ripped apart by divorce.

I will say to you all again:

You are a stupid, selfish, uncaring, clinically dead walking zombie if you - as a Catholic Spouse - in even the smallest bit of the tiniest part of your Conscience - are contemplating divorce. You have already crossed the line into the camp of the enemy. Worse still, you are an anarchist to your family, effectively lying to promote one image while secretly fomenting open warfare upon your spouse and children. You have declared a war in which your initial battles have already been won through that Great Destroyer of Families - No Fault Divorce. And then you will continue to fight for the rest of your lives a war you have already lost, but are in blissful, merciful ignorance of.

I pity you. Truly I do. But unfortunately, you're on your own. I Love my Children - and their Mother - too much to worry about you.

Copyright 2014 David Heath - All Rights Reserved