March 22, 2014


I have always found the all-time stats fascinating regarding this blog. I'm grateful most assuredly, but still fascinated about the rankings. Someday, I will have someone explain to me any significance it may have, other than all but the last two being mostly-predominate Catholic countries now or in the past.

Entry                    Pageviews
United States                         1871
Germany                                   83
Russia                                       56
United Kingdom                        43
China                                        29
Ukraine                                     18
Ireland                                      16
Canada                                     15
Indonesia                                  14
Malaysia                                     8

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More on Divorced and Re-Married Catholics...

Jeff Culbreath at New Sherwood has an older post from July 2013 I came across while reading his latest, commenting on the latest from Zippy Catholic

His older post Brace yourselves for another attack on marriage mirrors much of my thinking, some of my writing and a lot of my Parental counseling to my children over the past three years or so. In that span of time, I've learned that: you can't debate emotions; Passions have subdued Reason; our children's future happiness is tied directly to one Parent's present Happiness; indifference to violations of moral and secular principles neuters years of Catholic Religious instruction. 

There is simply no defense to be had against "The Happiness Factor". None. 

Please click over to New Sherwood and read his post (and follow him - he is a very good blogger!), and to which I posted the below comment (excuse my grammatical errors only seen after the posting):

"RE: your comments on Canon 1060:

 "This safeguard is necessary for obvious reasons. Persons who are unhappily married, and who may therefore be subject to intense emotions, are dangerously susceptible to rationalizing their own specious grounds for annulment. Without the Church’s legal presumption of validity many would act on their own authority and do further damage to a marriage that may, in fact, be completely valid – perhaps making reconciliation all but impossible."

This is preciously the battle I have waged for over three years - emotions! Emotions have subdued Reason - against Catholic Teaching - and the "Happiness" factor reigns supreme. A "happy" marriage is now the criteria many of our kids believe ensures a successful Catholic Marriage. No conflicts, no strife, no need to sanctify the Soul of the other spouse, no need to pray for the other spouse - all is good in the land of "Happy". It doesn't matter how many moral and secular principles were violated while walking the Happiness" road - and many were - it only matters that if Mom is happy, then our kids think their happy, and all is happy in the marital Modern, Catholic world. 

Your comment about the lack of Catechisis these past 50 years is also right on the mark and is something I've commented on and written on in the past, especially with our kids. It is precisely the lack of proper pre-Cana instruction and more emphasis on the DSM-5 manual that is responsible for much of the destruction of the nuclear Catholic family and you need to look no further than the most recent Statistical Manual of the Church. What Robert Vasoli wrote of in 1998 concerning annulments is still valid today - only the timelines have changed. 

Should this travesty of the divorced-remarried-no-annulment crowd regaining the privilege of Holy Communion by being allowed to circumvent the moral rules the rest of us have to follow, then it will gut two-thirds of the marriage bonum and will be the death knell for the Sacrament of Matrimony. After all, if for pastoral reasons one living in sin can receive Communion without correcting the sin, then why would anyone even consider a need for a Catholic Marriage? If the former happens, then why not the latter by natural extension?

Personally, I believe the Holy Ghost would not and will not allow such a travesty to occur, whether or not He is invoked at the Synod, mainly because it neuters God's Laws and current Church Teaching. That is my prayer, anyway, as often as I can remember to invoke it. We'll have to see come October how clear and concise or how murky and muddled Catholic Marriage 101 and its Pastoral Care becomes." 

Pray the Holy Ghost descends upon this Synod and enlightens its members to uphold, defend and strengthen the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony and to impart the Immutable Truth to the divorced-remarried-no-annulment Catholics, despite the latter's reluctance to accept it. 

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