April 12, 2014


It is enough to make a cradle Catholic cry. I can only recall the question of the two angels to St. Mary Magdalen, weeping at Our Lord's tomb: "Woman, Why weepest thou?" and her sorrowful reply: "Because they have taken away my Lord; and I know not where they have laid him."

The document in question: Lutheran-Catholic Common 
Commemoration of the Reformation in 2017
From Louie Verrecchio: The Apparent Death of the Catholic Church

From Chris Ferrara in The Remnant: Vatican Surrenders to Luther: A Neo-Catholicism Update

And from Me (posted as a comment to the article above over at the Remnant): 

Like parents who pamper their children and give them everything they want so they don't have to keep hearing the kids moan and cry, throw tantrums and continually say 'well, Johnny's church has this, why don't we', so is our "Parent", the Roman Catholic Church, succumbing to the same syndrome with her 'children', we Catholics in the pews. We want it all: Heaven, happiness on earth, the Love of Christ on our terms not His, mercy and compassion without justice , the dignity of man over the dignity of Christ, little sins like contraception are OK while cutting down a tree is anathema, etc,. WE want OUR version of Catholicism, not Our Lord's...WE want OUR way to Heaven and not Christ's, WE want to live OUR commandments and not God's. You cannot live the Catholic present while dismissing the Catholic past; you don't bring Souls to Heaven by adapting to their false religion but by converting them to Catholicism. You cannot dismiss the True reason for the Cross and Calvary to make the plate palatable for all as all you will get is whinny, fat, lazy kids who don't have to work for anything - even their own Salvation. That is not why Our Lord suffered and died for us; that is not why the early martyr's died in the coliseum, not why the Catholic Cristeros and Vendeeans died and certainly not why Thomas More and John Fisher died. They all suffered and died - as did Our Lord - to gain Heaven... they didn't just die and gain Heaven, which is what all this ecumenism is telling us we can now do. What need is their of professing Catholicism if we can gain our Salvation just as well - and with less trouble - as a Lutheran, a Baptist or a God Is Love In All Forms Christian Church, INC member? You can't have it both ways - either the Catholic Church is the One TRUE Church or it isn't. Please Rome...make up your mind. I am getting dizzy trying to figure out what it is you are saying/teaching/doing. HELP!

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