May 1, 2014

I Still Choose Us...

I was setting thinking - always bad - prior to leaving for a Court-mandated appointment where she and I will set and discuss with a professional third-party who knows of such things, why we are at such opposite ends of the "whats-in-the-best-interest-of-our-children" spectrum. I go with full consent as the right thing to do, she less so. Regardless, what I hope comes to fruition is something truly in the best interests of our kids. It has come to that with her divorce - two Catholic Parents having to rely on Caesar to force them to agree to that which both should already have agreed to on their own, simply because they are Catholic Parents. Such a dichotomy, no? (Are you Catholic Parents who are considering divorce as the answer to marital woes prepared for THIS!!)

At any rate, I posted the below clip last December and thought it apropos for this particular day, as the lasting theme of the video is the gift of self. It is what I chose to do shortly after this mess started and it is what I willing choose to do now and what I will always choose to die defending - the inherent Love within this sometimes too selfish Heart that no divorce or annulment decree will ever loose me from, whether it be the woman I married and am now parted from or the children I helped raise and also are - or soon will be - parted from.

She is remarried now, so you must view this video (and the previous post it came from) within that parameter. But, it remains a Truth nevertheless - I will always choose us and I will never force our children to divide their Love a 4th time. This Heart gave itself has no desire to do so again. If I leave our children nothing else, I can think of nothing more precious to give them than that.

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