May 11, 2014

What "M3 SQUARED" really means..

M = Mary, Meadatrix and Mother and Marital Musings & Miscellany;

3 = There are three M's in each set;

SQUARED = There are two sets of three;

 hence: M3 SQUARED!

Just thought you might like to know...(I know, but what else am going to do this day...considering? Besides, I haven't yet figured out why I can't change my background colors to Blue #b3dfff and this was a good diversion while I contemplate that particular issue, though it has to do with transparency, I think. )

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An Open Mother's Day Letter... the Mother of my ten children. 

It is also for any of you Catholic Dad's who are in the midst of always-reconcilable marital difficulties, as it provides a template you can use to send Mother's Day greetings to the Mother of your children and which I give you all free license to do so in perpetuity. Unless, of course, you wake up sooner rather than later and get yourself the help you and your spouse need - Spiritual or secular - to preserve your SACRAMENTAL MARRIAGE. 

I can assure you, Dear Friends, that you. do. not. want. this. life.

Dearest Mother of Our Ten Children, 

Firstly, just in case you're mad: yes...I can call you "Dearest" despite your re-marriage, for you are the Mother of our children and, by extension, will always remain "Dearest" with me. Live with it, OK?

Secondly, Happy Mothers Day! I know its been a bit since I've said that to you - it's been, what? four years now? - but the sentiment is genuine I can assure you. And be assured also that though I had not told you personally, I had offered the same these past years, along with prayers for a Grace-filled Day. Stupid of me, isn't it, considering the past, your indifference and our lack of friendly communication? Call me sentimental; call me unrealistic; call me naive; call me not able to "move on". But don't forget to call me Loving, along with all the rest, for it remains a Truth considering the 10 Souls we brought into life together. I suppose in reality, I should have continued to send you Mother's Day cards regardless of your divorce and annulment, but this type of situation does funny things to one's emotions and I just felt "why bother?" Still, I admit it was cowardly of me, mainly because it was a bad example to our kids, who would have seen another concrete example on the dignity and honor of Motherhood. Oh well, perhaps my other steadfast positions in this matter will more than make up for that gaffe. 

Thirdly, you should know I still pray for you. And yes, I remember your words from a year or so ago to stop doing that, have to remember that I am, after all, a man and prone to obstinacy. Sorry...another frailty of mine that I doubt will ever get corrected. But just to assure you that I am grounded in reality, my prayers do keep in mind you are now re-married and are said with that fact in mind. 

Fourthly, I hope someday you and I can bridge this gap that keeps us from being more communicative with each other - it does neither of us any good in the long run and I suppose I'm as guilty as you in not being strong enough to mend it. Again, I can only blame emotions on my part, for there is no truly valid reason two adults (and parents) should remain in such a pickle, is there? I believe I've finally corrected that particular communication stumbling block, however, and am willing to make the effort anytime you are ready. It won't be easy and may be mistake-prone, but the offer is there, regardless. 

Finally, please know I still am and will always be forgiving of any hurt you caused to me during our 22 years together. I cannot maintain the positions I have and do anything else but forgive. It goes with my vocation - as well as yours.

Happy Mothers Day! May Our Lady - The Queen of All Mothers - grant you many Blessings and much Happiness on this day. 



Copyright 2014 David Heath - All Rights Reserved