May 13, 2014

Hard Decisions...

Pro football has become too violent for me. It offends my Catholic sensitivities to see so many fine young men get bashed and battered as they toss and throw a ball around a field. They desecrate their bodies with tattoos; they writhe in untold agony on the field after a colossal tackle; they play for a gazillion-million dollars and still aren't happy; they bounce around giving high-fives to each other for slamming some poor, unsuspecting and half-as-heavy receiver to the hard, hard - did I say hard? - astro-turf/grass. Ouch!

No Sir...bad examples all around. Goes against too much of what Our Lord taught about loving your neighbor, doing good to others, don't be mean and cruel. I mean, doesn't anyone that plays Pro Football remember the Sermon on the Mount? Blessed are the poor; Blessed are the Meek; Blessed are the Merciful; Blessed are the Peacemakers. Nope...don't recall any football player doing any of the above on the field. They do, in fact, the direct opposite, do they not?? Yep...bad example all the way around. I just can't bear to watch anymore. I'll have to suffer untold agony while explaining this to my 13 year old, but - hey, a Parents duty is never easy, is it? It's for his own good, isn't it? He'll / we'll just have to find another Sunday afternoon recreation to do together. It's for our own good, after all - both Moral and Secular. Right?

May be Hockey? Nope - way, way too violent already. Baseball is a good choice, though. No one - intentionally - knocks an opposing player to the ground and dances a jig in exultation. Besides, I'm from St. Louis originally and grew up like every other little boy wanting to play for the Baseball Cardinals. Yes! Baseball is for me. Who doesn't remember Whitey Herzog and Ozzie Smith! Mike Shannan and Jack Buck! Ah...nice and sedate. A true gentlemen's game. Interrupted only by the occasional triple play or Grand-Slam-game-winning rally. Otherwise, I can set and sip my brewski, secure in the knowledge I'm not going to see anything that will offend my or my kids Catholic sensitivities or Moral Teachings. And watch some highly paid professional athletes clobber and then chase a super-sized golf-ball around a field...ahem.  

Any one have some Season tickets for the KC Royals they want to get rid of - cheap??

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