June 6, 2014

RIP Beloved Niece:Jill Renee Laird Shaw:1976-2014

The reason for my silence this past week...

Jill Renee Laird. 1976-2014 

My Niece, Jill Renee Laird Shaw, died in her sleep Ascension Thursday morning, found by her son after school. Please remember her Soul in your prayers, as well as my eldest sister Marianne, who is very distraught at the loss of her daughter at such a young age. Jill would have been 38 this coming Saturday. Beseech the Holy Virgin on Jill's behalf, that she was granted the Grace of final perseverance before her last breath and is hopefully suffering the Purgatorial Fires. It is a sincere belief I shall always retain that that is where she currently resides, as she awaits her Eternal Reward, praying for her children, her Mother and her sister.

Jill leaves behind a 19 year old daughter, as well as her 13 year old son. Please remember them all in your Prayers.

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her Oh, Lord, and Let thy perpetual light shine upon her...may her Soul and all the Souls of the Faithful departed through the Mercy of God, Rest in Peace. Amen.

Jill's obituary is here.

God Bless and Thank You...

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