June 27, 2014

Remember When...

...you first met her and how you admired her Audrey Hepburn neck?

...you put the first note on her windshield and she refused - kindly?

...you let it go for awhile and then did it again?

...you heard nothing from her?

...you joined the choir to be close to her?

...you knew it just wasn't happening and you backed off and gave her back to God?

...you were pleasantly surprised when she invited you to the choir picnic with her and her parents a few weeks later?

...you thanked God for this unexpected Blessing?

...you could not be parted from that moment on?

...you worked on the church bulletin together?

...you bought the ring and carried it around for weeks?

...you proposed to her while walking in the Park?

...you felt your Heart leap for joy when she said "Yes."

...you almost fainted as she walked up the aisle to stand beside you?

...you placed the ring on her finger?

...you kissed her for the first time as Mrs.________?

Then what the hell are you doing contemplating separation and/or divorce? What the hell are you doing not talking it out, and if you can't, why the hell aren't you seeking the help you need? Why the hell are you not co-partners in trying to save your marriage and family, instead of being contentious litigants trying to end it? What the hell? Have you gone mad? Or just plain foolish? Don't you remember? Or has mental incapacity robbed you of the remembrance of the vows you spoke before Spouse, God and Priest: 

I, ____ ,Take You, _______, For Better, For Worse...For Richer, For Poorer...In Sickness and In Health...TILL DEATH WE DO PART."  

REMEMBER??!!?? If you can't, then maybe Alan Jackson can help remind you:

<sigh> I'll keep praying for you...someone has to for its clear you two don't do it for each other.

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