July 7, 2014

Defending Marriage and Femininity, Ann Barnhardt Style

Ann Barnhardt once again defends marriage - and femininity - in this 2011 commentary she re-posted recently. Ever the black-is-black, white-is-white (what is commonly known as Objective Truth) writer, she spares not her own sex, let alone we men. Regardless, I find nothing I don't already agree with, having been there already. I directly count myself as being self-emasculated, to a certain extent, by not understanding the non-reciprocal Love she speaks of (do any of us truly understand at the moment of our "I do's?) and lived by Christ, until a bit over 4-1/2 years ago. The road to my enlightenment started well before my then-wife's pronouncement of the big "D", though it remained but a shadow within my understanding. I just couldn't seem to let her go...could not "un-Love her - despite my frailties as a husband - and simply could not grasp the "why". It was puzzling to me, for she gave me many excuses for not loving her - and still does. But yet I do and always will...just as Christ does for me: "And as you would that men should do to you, do you also to them in like manner and Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

The below excerpt comprises the defense of marriage I spoke of above, but please click the link at the end to read the entire post in context, for it reeks of Truth. The kind of Truth that should make men/husbands - as well as women/wives - squirm, if the slightest hint of imbalance is apparent in their marriages. 

(The underline emphasis is mine...wasn't sure if Ann's original bold-highlighting would show when this posted...)

"...And now to the issue of submission, or subjugation. Should wives be subject to their husbands, as St. Paul exhorts? You’re damn right they should. All day, every day. The fact that this question even has to be asked is, by itself, evidence of how far gone our culture is. I truly believe that most people in Western Civilization go through their entire lives without ever actually experiencing love. They experience lust, and they experience various forms of attachment, but most people never actually love. To love IS TO SUBMIT. To love is to make oneself SUBJECT TO ANOTHER. To love is to freely choose to put another above yourself, to literally live for another. Within the context of marriage this dynamic of total self-gift obviously meant to flow in BOTH DIRECTIONS (as the love between God the Father and God the Son, and between Christ and the Church) and is equally expected of men vis-a-vis their wives.

I just finished a book of private revelation from the mid-18th century titled “The Life of Saint Joseph as Manifested by Our Lord, Jesus Christ to Maria Cecilia Baij, O.S.B.” Poor St. Joseph tends to be somewhat overlooked, but this fine book details his exemplary life. It is also completely romantic in the most perfect and pure sense of the word. St. Joseph loved the Blessed Virgin Mary. He really, really loved her. And she loved him. They were mutually submissive in perfect love to one another, but the Blessed Virgin, as the wife, was the more submissive, and St. Joseph, as the husband, fulfilled his role as the guardian, provider and caretaker of both Mary and Jesus. For example, when Joseph and Mary were deciding together their movements during Our Lady’s pregnancy, Mary would always know exactly what God’s perfect will for her and Joseph was because she was receiving interior locutions from Jesus Himself who was in her womb. Joseph would always first ask Mary what she perceived God’s will for them to be, but Mary would ALWAYS turn it around and defer to Joseph, asking him what he had perceived in his prayer, and then joyfully confirmed his words. Even though Mary knew exactly what God’s will was, she always submitted to Joseph in this way, thus bolstering, supporting and underpinning her husband’s masculinity and proper role as head of their household and decision-maker. See how that works? It’s called LOVE.

Jesus did the same thing in relation to His parents. From the moment of His conception, He was in possession of full reason, though voluntarily limited by the physical development and state of His body. Jesus knew He was God, and Mary and Joseph both knew that Jesus was God, but He still submitted Himself to them as their Child because He loved them. Jesus subjugated Himself fully to all of humanity on the Cross, because He loves us perfectly. Perfect love is indeed the submission of the lover to the beloved..."


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