August 11, 2014

RE: Comments on This Blog

The current Pope is THE Pope and Head of the Roman Catholic Church. While I agree there is much turmoil and confusion that sprang from Vatican II, there are many debatable and questionable actions and words from the Holy Father and current religious vocations are in the tank, it does not change the first sentence one iota. Pray for the current reigning Pope, Francis, and the Curia. I certainly do.

If anyone comments to the contrary on this blog, it will never be published. 

Those who have a problem with the above can take it up with the owner of this blog: Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

She can be found at Her altar in any Roman Catholic Church, patiently awaiting your complaints. If she happens to be otherwise occupied with someone who has greater and more pressing needs than you, you can find Her Son the next altar over, more than willing to listen to one of His children...

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