August 27, 2014

Some Unexpected But Welcome News...

...Occurred on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

My 18 year old daughter #3 ( whose birthday is also on August 22), decided that she wanted to come back to Kansas and finish her Senior year among friends at her former high school and asked if I would let her stay with me. I told her my door has been and remains always open to any of my children, so sure, she can come. 

Deo Gratias! Thank you Dear Blessed Mother! have to understand that she and I have not spoken more than a dozen words to each other in 4-1/2 years, except during some court-ordered counseling a couple years ago. The scars emanating from this divorce are still there, as shown mainly by the strength of our past estrangement, an estrangement that I now have hope of seeing an eventual end. So you can understand my joy at this unexpected turn of events!

This particular privilege then, Dear Friends, was brought about not by me, but solely through the Hands of Our Lady...on Her Feast Day...and on the Birthday of my daughter.  Pray that we both realize what a great Grace has been extended to us and that we respond in kind. Please pray also for many good fruits born of this Spring of Grace that has begun to flow only through the generosity of Our Lady. I have been Blessed with this visible sign that She still watches over my (and Her) children and has shown this Parent the fruits that spring from the constant prayers on their behalf. The strength and courage that this brings is undefinable...

Never give up the war, Spouses and Parents, for though you may loose many battles, as long as you do not loose Faith in your prayers or your King and Queen of Heaven, the war has already been won! It is not for us to know this always, but your King and Queen will know when some visible sign is needed and will respond in kind to help assure your victory. Remember Constantine's battle standard "In hoc signo vinces" ...carry this into your battles and you will not fail, either. 

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