September 14, 2014

God of Mercy and Compassion

On this Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the recessional hymn at Mass this morning and one of my personal favorites...

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"I Love You, And For This Love I Help You"

Via Whispers In the Loggia, there is in the below excerpt something we all could agree with. The homily is from the Pope, but these words are, to me anyway, clearly at odds with all the pre-Synodal leaks in that the commentary promotes in no uncertain terms the necessity of bearing each others burdens, praying for help, sanctifying each other, etc. Basically, relying on the Grace of the Sacrament to see a marriage thru difficult times.

Clearly at odds with the "divorce & annulment cures all marital woes" practices that have been in play these past 40+ years and what some would like to see codified into Church Law (and by extension, streamline the annulment process to make it more obtainable, for as we all know from the past 40+ years,  "deserved happiness" is the only criteria that makes for successful marriages, Catholic or otherwise.)

(Emphasis below is all mine)

"I Love You, And For This Love I Help You" – At Vatican Mass Wedding

"The cure which God offers the people applies also, in a particular way, to spouses who "have become impatient on the way" and who succumb to the dangerous temptation of discouragement, infidelity, weakness, abandonment… To them too, God the Father gives his Son Jesus, not to condemn them, but to save them: if they entrust themselves to him, he will bring them healing by the merciful love which pours forth from the Cross, with the strength of his grace that renews and sets married couples and families once again on the right path.

The love of Christ, which has blessed and sanctified the union of husband and wife, is able to sustain their love and to renew it when, humanly speaking, it becomes lost, wounded or worn out. The love of Christ can restore to spouses the joy of journeying together. This is what marriage is all about: man and woman walking together, wherein the husband helps his wife to become ever more a woman, and wherein the woman has the task of helping her husband to become ever more a man. This is the task that you both share. "I love you, and for this love I help you to become ever more a woman"; "I love you, and for this love I help you to become ever more a man". Here we see the reciprocity of differences. The path is not always a smooth one, free of disagreements, otherwise it would not be human. It is a demanding journey, at times difficult, and at times turbulent, but such is life! Within this theology which the word of God offers us concerning the people on a journey, spouses on a journey, I would like to give you some advice. It is normal for husband and wife to argue: it’s normal. It always happens. But my advice is this: never let the day end without having first made peace. Never! A small gesture is sufficient. Thus the journey may continue. Marriage is a symbol of life, real life: it is not "fiction"! It is the Sacrament of the love of Christ and the Church, a love which finds its proof and guarantee in the Cross. My desire for you is that you have a good journey, a fruitful one, growing in love. I wish you happiness. There will be crosses! But the Lord is always there to help us move forward. May the Lord bless you!"

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