September 24, 2014

Of Daughters, Dads, Airports and Goodbyes

I took Daughter #2 to the airport to see her off on a Southwest flight westward,  to hopefully kick-start a stalled job search campaign. I gave her the Dad Pep-talk - make a list of goals, stick to them, allocate sufficient daily time for job search, confer with Mom, etc, etc... She has my Fathers Blessing, my prayers and my wishes for much success. And the surety of knowing the door back home will never be locked, if things don't pan out. The same goes for all of my children...

There was also, however, the Parental emotions of saying goodbye to one's child  - albeit a 21 year-old - made all the more emotional, for me anyway, as we recently re-connected after an almost 5 year hiatus.  I've enjoyed immensely the past few days, having her and daughter #3 in the house...but as I posted on Google+ earlier:

"Saying goodbye and have a safe flight doesn't get any easier at 61 than it did at 51. Waiting for daughter #2 's flight to depart at KCI. Emotions run deep, even in this old man...hard to keep the tears in check. Epic Fail."

Daughter #2
Oh well...the perils of Parenting never run out, though I am sure many of us would wish they did (at least sometimes.) Am I alone in thinking the eyes are supposed to get drier the older you get... that the emotional well gets so low there's little chance of it ever rising to the top? Silly me...

It's not easy, is it? 

So... to all the Daughters who must leave home to flex their newly-found confidence or who just simply need to kickstart their life, from their Dad's who, like me, would rather keep them under wing but know they have to let them go, no matter how hard it may be, no matter how much a certain muscle rebels:

Drat! now where did I put that Kleenex Box....

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UPDATE: SSPX: A response to the Oklahoma City Black Mass with Video

UPDATE: Brain McCall has an excellent commentary over at Catholic Family News: Click the link below:

The Battle of the Civic Center: SSPX Public Reparation to Black Mass in Oklahoma City, Sept. 21, 2014

I was unable to attend the OKC Mass of Reparation because of family obligations, but did manage to attend the Parish Holy Hour at 7 PM Sunday evening. The below video and article is courtesy of the SSPX USA District website.

A response to the Oklahoma City Black Mass...

Oklahoma City reparation Mass (pics)...

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