October 10, 2014

Catholic Collar And Tie: Pastoral Practice To Take Precedence Over Doctrine...

I wrote a comment (pasted below) to this excellent commentary over at
Catholic Collar and Tie by Fr. Gary Dickson: Pastoral Practice To Take Precedence Over Doctrine? Rubbish

It is a good read and, I think, worthy of a compliment to Father, both for what it says and for the courage it takes to write it...considering the fate of other clerics who dared question sin and immorality.

I think it also worth highlighting one of Father Dickson's comments:

"‘Pastoral practice taking precedence over Doctrine’ is in fact a wicked misnomer for the legitimising of waywardness. It doesn't help anyone to pretend that sin is not sin. And yes, all sin can be forgiven (thank God), but sins (such as theft, detraction, murder etc) are an event; an adulterous relationship is a continuing situation; we can absolve from theft or murder after the fact but not during the act: indeed we would be obliged try and prevent the theft or murder taking place. So too with irregular relationships: we cannot absolve while the situation is ‘in act’ (continues on), only when it has ended and there is a purpose of amendment. Some seem determined to try absolving from sin those in on-going iniquity. It is nonsense. ‘Pastoral Modernisers’ who seek to do this are laughable –or would be if what they propose was not so dangerous to souls -including the souls of those who propose it."

Part of what he wrote above parallels a similar statement of mine in a recent post:

The Synod is preparing to condone those living in objective and continuous mortal sin by "pastorally" opening the door to reception of Holy Communion, WITHOUT TRUE CONTRITION, CONFESSION AND AMENDMENT FOR THE SIN.

As I've mentioned before, you don't have to be a Theologian or Canon Lawyer to know and to understand the inherent fallacies emanating from this Synod, and sadly, even the Church Herself, whenever She departs from the hermeneutic of continuity. All you need is the most basic of Catholic Religious instruction.

Click the above link to the full article and also to thank Fr. Dickson for his excellent catechesis. 
My comment to the above article:

"Very good, Father! Why aren't you a key speaker at the Synod? I'd rather have Princes of the Church hear you than (1) a wrinkly lay-coupling's sexual experiences sans Viagra (or maybe it IS Viagra) or (2) a wrinkly lay-coupling's preaching to clerics to openly condone Mortal Sin, or at least turn a blind eye to its Hellish conclusion. That this Synod seeks to turn on its head the Sacrament of Matrimony reeks of lack of Mercy and lack of Charity to those innocent spouses sacrificed on the altars of divorce and annulment - like me - who want nothing more than a return to bed, board and spouse AND for Bishops to uphold Canon Law and FORCE errant spouses back to their marriages and vocations. To do anything less is to define the Mercy and Compassion meme of this Synod as worthy only of the few - the divorced and remarried Catholics - at the expense of the many - the abandoned spouses and their innocent children.

To show Mercy and Compassion to only one select group, which then results in a gross lack of Mercy and Compassion on a vastly larger select group, is a gross misapplication of the Greatest of the Virtues - Charity. And about as un-Catholic as you can get..."

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