October 18, 2014

And the world knew Peace...

Cardinal Kasper needs to be re-assigned to a cloistered monastery, run by a Rosalind-Russell type Mother Superior, that is located in Africa, as far in the interior as is possible and still have outside communication with the world, but only via the fastest runner in the Convent school, who runs to the nearest town 150 miles away, where he passes off a letter to the local postman, who hops in his tuk-tuk and traverses the rut-infested roads to a dirt-strip airport 10 miles away, where it's handed off to a bush pilot who then crash lands on a deserted island that's never been charted, there to languish in perpetuity - along with Cardinal Kasper's latest meaningless pronouncements to the Pope.

Thereby causing a new springtime in the Catholic Church, full of Orthodoxy and 2,000 year-old Tradition.

And the world knew Peace.

(Oh...and the pilot gets rescued, but the letter doesn't...)

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