October 23, 2014

Les Femmes: Please, Michael, Say it Ain't So?

Because she pretty much mirrors my thoughts on the matter, here is Mary Ann Kreitzer's post on the Michael Voris apology. - Ed. 

Please, Michael, Say it Ain't So?

I have a lot of regard for Michael Voris which made me even more disappointed with this apology which seems misguided to me. You can be in full communion with the Church, respect the papacy, and still criticize the wrong actions of a pope. Of course we are called to respect, pray for, and love the pope as he says. But criticizing the pope's actions is not the same thing as undermining love for the Church or denying that Pope Francis is the duly elected pope. To say otherwise seems to me to be an error. So what if others have used the pope's scandalous situation to gleefully malign him? Wrong as that is, it seems to me to be irrelevant and a red herring with regard to legitimate questioning of papal actions. And to say the laity never have the right to criticize a pope is pure, unadulterated clericalism. Why should it stop at the pope? May the laity question any actions by any clerics? Or are we back to the "pay, pray, and obey" mentality? Consider that Voris has no problem criticizing many other clerics. (I was somewhat shocked at the level of vitriol aimed at Cardinal Dolan in one Vortex, even though I think Dolan's actions are disgraceful.) So is it okay for the laity to criticize deacons, priests, bishops, archbishops, and cardinals, but must be muzzled when it comes to the pope? Did the laity have no voice when Arians and other scandalous men occupied the chair of Peter? That seems absurd to me.



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