November 14, 2014

Every now and again, I read articles concerning marriage, divorce and/or annulment that have the same theme or make a parallel statement to what I've written previously. Anthony Esolen, in a recent article for Crisis Magazine, asks why the children of divorce are sacrificing their happiness for that of their parents. It is the same question I had asked in a post here.

Now, this means nothing more, really, than this: my objections to and writings of and against all things concerning divorce and annulment are rooted in basic reason, common sense, Catholic Teaching and Catechism 101. For every secular objection to a particular point against divorce, there usually is a corresponding basis for it in Catholicism. Hence, even the most non-professional, non-college educated Catholic can understand the fallacy of extending "mercy and compassion" for the divorced and remarried sans annulment, because it leaves out the essential element of Justice. The average Catholic understands (or should) that because the Catechism of the Catholic Church specifically states that divorce is immoral, it is in fact undeniably so. There is no Gray area (or used to be, anyway), just the stark and well defined color of Black. Which, unfortunately, those in power are now trying to change to an ever-fluid, ever-changing mottled-gray.

So...once again, a point has been made by another and more worthy writer that echoes what I've already stated. In a recent Rorate Caeli article by Don Pio Pace, he concluded with the following statement: 

"...It is undeniable that great efforts must be made regarding the preparation of engaged couples in order to educate them on the beauty and the demands that they envisage. There, as in so many other domains, the challenge for the Church of tomorrow is the correct transmission of the catechism."
He echoes a similar thought of mine from a July 2014 post that had within its conclusion the statement that:

"...The Catholic Church and her Bishops should begin to work more diligently to assist Catholic Spouses in preserving their Sacramental marriages by (1) enforcing and applying the Canon Laws that concern reconciliation and (2) remind couples in PreCana conferences the serious nature of and what is meant by Fidelity, Permanency and "till death we do part". By doing so, they may correct the backdoor problems currently being experienced in Catholic Marriages and which is the Raison d'être of the Synod. If assistance in repairing the foundation of the marriage can be done at the earliest stages of cracking, rather than simply abandoning the marriage to build anew, much of the Synod's necessity for existence would be moot and perhaps more fervent and vibrant parish families would result."

Don Pio Pace has stated my own thoughts in far fewer words.

Is it a wrong conclusion to make, then, that more priests like Don Pio, Fr. Michael Rodriguez (see here and here) and Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, need to be a part of the inner circle of Papal advisers and to banish the Cardinal Kasper and Company members to a parish church as far from the big city as possible, where they can be assured of time for reflection and contemplation concerning their priestly ministries?

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