November 22, 2014

Selective Mercy & Compassion

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I have written before (see here and here) of this false mercy and compassion theme/meme of communion for the divorced and remarried sans annulment. Everyone wrings their hands and bleeds Human red & Vulcan green blood in angst over the poor, poor (did I mention pooooorrrrr?) sinners setting in churches (or not) and with a rainfall of tears (HEY! You in front! Yeah, You! See my tears??!!??) show everyone how sincere they are in THEIR WANT to receive Holy Communion. It matters not what Christ wants - the Salvation of their Soul, true repentance for their sins of adultery and restitution to the offended former spouses and any (former?) children. It's only what THEY WANT, what THEY DESIRE, what THEY DEMAND is THEIR RIGHT to continue in sin and still receive the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of the SINLESS Christ.

The rest of us poor chaps and chappies in the pews have to be silently content to knuckle under and, embarrassingly or not, kneel before a priest to confess our grievous sins so that we may be once again PRIVILEGED to WORTHILY RECEIVE the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of the SINLESS Christ. Not so with the above clique, however!

The possible granting of the PRIVILEGE of receiving Holy Communion by the divorced and remarried shows nothing but false mercy and compassion because Justice has not been served via Confession, Repentance and Reparation of the grievous offense committed. The rest of us - if we would commit adultery while still morally bound to our spouse - have to abide by the current practice, but because this minority group has been civilly divorced and remarried outside the Church and has an emotional attachment to Holy Communion, they get a free pass. So, does it not follow - if the privilege were to be granted next year - if a spouse were to commit adultery, all he/she would have to do is to get civilly married to their co-adulterer/adulteress in order to be able to receive Holy Communion! (After, of course, a few months [2? 6?] of showing it a stable, loving and caring adulterous marriage). Afterwards, because they may (or may not) feel badly, they could get another civil divorce from the adulterer/adulteress and return to their first and true marriage and all is good! All without having to go through that embarrassing ritual known as "Confession". YEAH! 21st century Modern Catholicism is such a dream! We can finally have our cake and eat it (or is it Edith?) too!

It is as embarrassingly stupid to write as it sounds in real life via the former and upcoming soon-to-be-further-marginalized Family (of the Synod.) As long as Justice is left out of the Mercy and Compassion triangle, they remain just what they are - platitudes and placating memes designed to become friends with the world - and the modern (c)atholic who survives more on passions than reason. It will never stand the test of time, for the legs of Mercy and Compassion and bound to the foundation of Justice. Absent Justice, and the legs ingloriously crash down, unable to support their own weight. Absent Christ and His laws (or doing our best to circumvent them), we humans also ingloriously come crashing down, unable to support our own sinful weight. 

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