March 29, 2015


Why is this day called Palm Sunday? 
In memory of our Saviour's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, when the multitude strewed palm branches before Him, for which reason the Church, on this day, blesses palms, and carries them in procession.

 Why are palms blessed?
That those who carry them with devotion, or keep them in their houses, may receive protection of soul and body, as prayed for in the blessing; that those who carry the palms may, by means of the prayers of the Church, adorn their souls with good works and thus, in spirit, meet the Saviour; that, through Christ whose members we are, we may conquer the kingdom of death and darkness, and be made worthy to share in His glorious resurrection and triumphant entrance into heaven. St. Augustine writes of the palms: “They are the emblem of praise, and sign of victory, because the Lord by death conquered death, and with the sign of victory, the cross, overcame the devil, the prince of death." Therefore, preceded by the cross, we go in procession around the church singing hymns of praise; when we come to the church door, we find it locked; the priest knocks at it with the cross. Heaven was closed to us by the sin of Adam, and it is opened to us by reconciliation through Jesus on the cross. To move us to compassion for the suffering Redeemer, the Church, in the person of Christ, cries in lamenting tones at the Introit:

INTROIT: O Lord, remove not Thy help to a distance from me, look towards my defence: save me from the lion's mouth, and my lowness from the horns of the unicorns. O God, my God! look on me, why hast Thou forsaken me? Far from my salvation are the words of my sins. O Lord! Remove not, &c. (Ps. XXI.)

INSTRUCTION: In this epistle, the apostle urges us in a special manner to humility by which we are made like to Christ, our Lord, who putting off the majesty of His divinity, became man, and humbled Himself in obedience to the ignominious death of the cross. "Would that all might hear," exclaims St. Gregory, "that God resists the proud, and gives His grace to the humble! Would that all might hear: Thou dust and ashes, why dost thou exalt thyself? Would that all might hear the words of the Lord: Learn of me, because I am humble of heart. The only-begotten Son of God assumed the form of our weakness, suffered mockery, insult and torments for the purpose that the humble God might teach man not to be proud." (My Emphasis-dah)




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March 22, 2015

Divorce & Parent Alienation Syndrome

"...Well, the respect that is due to Dad is not something that can be discarded without consequence. If we start treating our parents as bumbling fools then we actually start breaking the Fourth Commandment—a serious sin which contributes to the breakdown of the family. We must watch our hearts and remember that the natural respect that sons and daughters should have for their fathers and mothers is something the Lord set up to orient us toward himself. If we honor our parents, our hearts will be in a great place to honor God. If we honor our parents, then we too can obtain by grace the “long life in the land which the Lord our God is giving us.” That land, of course, is heaven." (Dr. Mark Giszczak, Dad’s Due Respect, Catholic Exchange, 12/27/2013) 

 There is no way to ease a prospective respondent into what can be expected from an unwanted divorce, other than: You. Can't. Stop. It. Such is the ravage of No Fault Divorce, or NFD. Such is the ravage of Parent Alienation Syndrome, or PAS, but which for clarity and context of this article I'll call PALS (Parent ALienation Syndrome.). NFD and PALS is the result of two spouses who have made marital mistakes, but where one seeks the easy road to correction. Both NFD and PALS have been documented to cause harm to the the innocent. But for one spouse - and maybe both in some cases - even that knowledge fails to stop the notion that their personal happiness comes before that of any children. The catch-all justification: "I'm doing it for the children!" placates and subdues the Reason that would otherwise cause parents to shrink in holy terror from initiating an action that willingly causes harm to their own children!

"I'm doing it for the children" is a lie", by the way. We all have Free Will and it is a Free Will choice to divorce that was made, and made despite knowing your children will go through a hell they do not deserve. Children have nothing to do with choosing divorce; no child ever asked Mom to divorce Dad or asked Dad to divorce Mom. Hell...they don't and won't ever truly understand what divorce is anyway, so why attempt to put such a burden upon their shoulders?!?! All that crutch-of-a-statement does is show the parent(s) own weakness and an inability to work together for the common good - even if it means staying in a supposedly loveless or indifferent marriage. And no...a happy marriage is not part of Catholic Marriage vows (remember the "...for worse..." part?) Nor is it a valid justification for annulment, either, as the late Cardinal Edward Egan, a former Rotal judge and Canon Lawyer taught (see  Mary’s Advocates Observations: Separation, Divorce, and Annulment, page 37.)

 No... NFD is all about the individual. If a disaffected spouse/parent Googled "Children and Divorce" - before they pull the divorce trigger, not afterI find it hard to believe that they would still put their signature on a document that would turn their children into a statistic and that has such a horrible track record for bringing any "happiness" at all to children. One of the many inherent evils of NFD, "PAL" will always be around some, if not all, of your children, forever whispering in their ear all the reasons they should keep him, "PAL", around, instead of remembering the one reason they should let him go. Parent Alienation is the devil's offspring no less so than divorce, for they share the same bloodline.

Richard Gardner was an American psychiatrist who first studied PALS in the 70's and was himself a divorced parent. I might imagine that his own divorce was perhaps a catalyst for this study, which has, to date, not been listed in the DSM-5 Manual. Though it remains contested by many of his peers, some professionals have found it has some validity in more recent times. Gardner described PALS as "...the child's campaign of denigration against a parent, a campaign that has no justification" and that it results from "...the combination of a programming (brainwashing) parent's indoctrination's and the child's own contributions to the vilification of the target parent."

What this means in practical terms for the respondent - usually the Father - is simply the following:

  • no Birthday, Father's Day, Christmas or Thanksgiving Cards will be received;
  • no hugs or kisses from children when you drop them off at the airport;
  • no response to your "Hi Kids" when you come home from work;
  • no chance of ever experiencing in your kids the healing power of Christ's Forgiveness, for there is none forthcoming, at least in your lifetime.

This is what divorce and PALS does - causes children to ignore the basic requirements of parental respect, the 4th Commandment and Catholic Charity. And yet, you say you are divorcing "for the sake of the children"?? It's for the children and they'll be "just fine"?? Everyone will so-o-o-o "happy"?? Are you that naive that you believe that that somehow relinquishes your own culpability? That's not only naive, but just plain selfish. Why? B-E-C-A-U-S-E. I-T. H-A-R-M-S. Y-O-U-R. C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N. 

Need I say more?

Divorce is not the way to end marital problems, any more than an adulterous relationship will bring you contentment. Happiness, perhaps. But contentment? "Not hardly", as the Duke used to say. It's impossible, because you put yourself at odds with your Catholic Faith. Which is what, in my opinion, all the divorced and remarried couples are looking for who wish to remain in mortal sin, yet be allowed to receive the Body and Blood of Christ - Contentment. It will never come until they correct the sin, however, which is what I hope the Catholic Church reminds them of come October.

Divorce and children. PALS and children. Children in therapy due to divorce. Children in therapy due to PALS. Children of divorce ignoring a loving parent. Children of PALS ignoring the 4th commandment. How can any Catholic couple justify divorce? More importantly, what is the respondent parent to do knowing full well what awaits their children if they do not change? The only thing they can do: continue the non-reciprocal love they need, continue to offer prayers and sacrifices for their enlightenment and to always be there if and when they should ever call. In other words, just be the good parent you always strove to be.

And remember, as Dr. Giszczak stated above, that:

"We must watch our hearts and remember that the natural respect that sons and daughters should have for their fathers and mothers is something the Lord set up to orient us toward himself. If we honor our parents, our hearts will be in a great place to honor God. If we honor our parents, then we too can obtain by grace the “long life in the land which the Lord our God is giving us.” That land, of course, is heaven."

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March 15, 2015

An Open Letter to Cardinal Tagle

Your Eminence:

I am writing in reference to the article that was printed in The Telegraph of March 9, 2015 and quite frankly, I am astounded at what you believe constitutes a grave pastoral crisis within the Catholic Church. According to the article, you say you are concerned for "...the suffering that these people underwent..." and yet the Catholic Church does little for those truly suffering from the effects of unwanted civil divorces, except to turn a blind eye towards the tragedy left in its wake. What of the concern for those who have chosen to remain Faithful to their vows, who never wanted a divorce, let alone an annulment, but who were nevertheless thrown under the civil-divorce bus by a disaffected spouse and there left to fight - alone - for their family and the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony against all comers - including the Catholic Church via the Tribunal courts? 

To be perfectly frank, I have to ask: why are you and the Catholic Church so enamored with divorced and remarried and/or cohabiting Catholics who have willingly and with full consent of their Free Will, chosen to violate the 6th and 9th Commandments, Church teaching and the Catechism of the Catholic Church? You act as if they are the only "lost sheep" left to be gathered! Why is the Church suddenly trying to allow these Catholics to continue in their sinful ways simply because of a belief there is some "...authentic family values or at least an inherent desire for them". This "authentic family value" is rooted in error and deceit and in direct violation of God's Commandments and you are simply and quite openly adding salt into the already festering wound that afflict innocent spouses and their children by essentially condoning the breakup of a Catholic family, are you not?

It is these same Catholic spouses who have been raped - yes RAPED! - by the secular divorce courts, who not only took their children away from them, but in some cases confined the respondent spouse to near-poverty in paying unjust support amounts that their salary simply could not sustain. How can you - and the Catholic Church - allow such travesties to continue and yet, fawn and fondle over those who openly defy the very words of Christ and His Father concerning marriage?

The Catholic Church understands divorce is evil and that there are inherent dangers to innocent Souls that stem from it. The secular world apparently recognized the inherent harm and evil of divorce, and have for decades cared enough for the children of divorce to at least openly attempt to ease their pain and sorrow in the transition from nuclear-family to broken-family. But it nevertheless doesn't care about their immortal Souls. That is the Church's responsibility, but one would think the Church doesn't care when you consider (1) their tacit approval of civil divorces, (2) their ignoring of Canon Laws concerning spousal reconciliation and (3) the total 
lack of enforcement of Canon 1692. 

Any sane Catholic would ask "Why?" My own bishops response was to simply say that my marriage was "irremediably broken", without ever once asking me whether I thought it so. The word of only one Catholic spouse and an 8-1/2" x 11" piece of white paper with DIVORCED! stamped on it was all the good Bishop needed to make that assumption and which forever more consigned my children to a statistic and to a still extant parental estrangement for God knows how long.

The article speaks of the lasting harm done to gays and the divorced and remarried (and single Mothers? When did this group come into the picture?) But what of the lasting harm, Your Eminence, done when the Catholic Church routinely tosses Souls into the dustbin of the secular world of Divorce and then forgets about them? And then many of these Souls are further tossed into the "Arena of Specious 
Annulments", left to languish until death in that Never-land between a-marriage-that-never-will-be and a-marriage-that-never-was, and all with the Catholic Church's tacit approval no less! Mercy, you say?!!??!!

It is said that we Catholics are to hate the sin and love the sinner, in imitation of what Our Lord did on many occasions, most notably with St. Mary Magdalene. He did not tell her to "go, and continue in your sin and I'll overlook your past indiscretions because you have finally found an authentic, adulterous relationship, which these hard-of-heart old men simply don't understand, but which you and I know is beautiful, loving and complete (even though it violates My Father's Commandments, but, Hey...I'll talk with Him.") No, what He said was - and I quote -
"... Woman, where are they that accused thee? Hath no man condemned thee? Who said: No man, Lord. And Jesus said: Neither will I condemn thee. Go, and now sin no more." 

So, then, why does the Church seemingly want to tell divorced and remarried Catholics the opposite, that they can continue in their sin and thus, by extension, if they die in this state unrepentant, they will still share in the Beatific Vision? The rest of the Catholic world, meanwhile, will still go to hell if they die while in an adulterous relationship and still validly married to their first spouse. I see a distinct dichotomy here, don't you?

If every other Catholic in the world will still go to Hell if they die in Mortal sin - a teaching that has never been abrogated as far as I know - then Justice alone demands that you speak of this Truth of the Catholic Faith to all the divorced and remarried Catholics as well. They are no different than me, and must follow the same Commandments, teachings and laws of the Catholic Church. They face eternal damnation if they die in unrepentant mortal sin, just like I would. They are bound to restitution for their offenses against God, Spouse and Family, just like I would be. And they can be assured of the Beatific Vision only if they follow all of God's Laws, make use of Confession when they fall and of frequent reception of Holy Communion for the needed strength and fortitude to keep fighting and hopefully achieve what has been promised to us. 

Hate the sin and love the sinner...urge the sinner to repentance, restitution and forgiveness, isn't this correct? And that includes returning to bed and board (where possible) of the first spouse, and if not possible, then live in complete continence with the second. That is what I have read and been taught, anyway...has something changed in my 60-plus years?

Please remember that we all are sinners and all need mercy and forgiveness, along with justice here on earth to lessen the justice required in Purgatory.

If you want to ease the pain and suffering of the divorced and remarried, then start with a sincere effort to preserve Catholic marriages in trouble before they hit the divorce court and stop routinely advocating annulment as the cure to troubled marriages, especially from parish priests. Remember that when you tacitly approve civil divorce and give spouses unfettered freedom from Church Laws to pursue it, you also are giving them the unfettered freedom to dispose of a spouse, a family, a vocation and a vow they willingly spoke of their own Free Will before priest, spouse and Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Please make sure that what is applicable to the laity in general, is equally applicable to a particular sub-set of the laity. What you change for one, must change for all. What you allow for one, must be allowed for all.

Respectfully In Christ, 

David Heath

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MUNDABOR:The Novus Ordo And Us

Mundabor has an excellent post everyone should read, of which a small part is excepted below. Clarity is this bloggers trademark. Black and white Catholic commentary is at its best here, and this post shows why... [Ed.]

The Novus Ordo And Us

Inferior to wine. Not poisonous at all.
Inferior to wine. Not poisonous at all.

Please take the comparison below only as drink comparison. That wine is used in the Consecration is not relevant here.
With V II the Church gave us, together with many other mistakes, a second-class Mass. Second-class, not sinful. Second-class, not something that would be even a grave matter to attend.
Speaking of drinks (and letting aside the sacramental aspect at the Mass) we were accustomed to wine. One day,  the Church told us wine is a drink for stuffy old people, and Coca Cola is the new drink the Church gives to you: bubbly, fizzly, young, dynamic, in tune with the new times, good for young and old, and apt to have many more people get at the table.
Coca-Cola is sugary, superficial, vastly inferior to wine in everything, pretty much of a child’s drink compared to it. But it can never be a sin to drink Coca-Cola; particularly so, when the Church gives it to you as the standard drink.
I have never made a secret of my position. I have stated very often on this blog that I attend the NO mass regularly. I even tour the land attending at Masses here and there to get the temperature of average Catholic parishes out in the V II wasteland.

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March 9, 2015


"Too late the sun doth rise, upon the furrowed brow,

Too late the mind doth wake, too late the difference now.

Too late to renew the dew long since dried, 

Too late the heart stirred, too little the heart cried."

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March 8, 2015

Meditation for Lent: Suffering and the Cross, Fr. Walter Ciszek, SJ

From Wikipedia:

Rev. Walter Joseph Ciszek, 
S.J. (November 4, 1904 – December 8, 1984) was a Polish-American Jesuit priest who conducted clandestine missionary work in the Soviet Union between 1939 and 1963.

Fifteen of these years were spent in confinement and hard labor in the Gulag, plus five preceding them in Moscow's infamous Lubyanka prison. He was released and returned to the United States in 1963, after which he wrote two books, including the memoir With God in Russia, and served as a spiritual director.
Father Walter Ciszek

"For each of us, salvation means no more and no less than taking up daily the same cross of Christ, accepting each day what it brings as the will of God, offering back to God each morning all the joys, works, and sufferings of that day. But those are abstract words. What it means, in practice, is spelled out as always by the poor old body. It means getting up each morning and going to bed exhausted . It means the routine, not the spectacular. It can mean drudgery, pain, putting aside pleasures, happiness, or the love the human heart craves until another time, so that what is necessary at the moment can be done. It means working for others, touching the lives of others, through the medium of the body.

Fr. Walter Ciszek - Seminary 1930s

How many times, tired and worn out and near collapse from the slave labor conditions of the camps, did I think I could not ask another step of the body, did I think in pain and irony of those words “The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak”? Truly, man is a creature composed of body and soul, and we work out our salvation in this vale of tears through the medium of the flesh. It is the first gift God and our parents fashion for us; it sustains and supports us through a long life and makes possible both joys and sorrows; and when at last we are parted from it in death, it surely deserves whatever rest it can get before it rises to be glorified at the last judgment." (Ciszek Sj, Walter J. (2012-10-17). He Leadeth Me (p. 96). The Crown Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.) 

About Father Ciszek (website)

Amazon Books Page

Wikipedia Page

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March 5, 2015

CMTV, EWTN, The SSPX and the "S" Word

Another well written Remnant article (excerpted below) by Michael Matt concerning the SSPX , the schism meme, CMTV and EWTN. When one gets onto the SSPX-Schism merry-go-round, one's head can spin as fast - if not faster - than the schism epithets hurling about the "vortex" created in its wake. And if you're not careful, they will slap you silly. For mostly, that is what they are - silly personal opinions that have been debunked at various times over the years. 

The SSPX 'Schism': EWTN vs. CMTV

Written by  

Everybody’s favorite whipping boy these days, the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), is evidently not in schism after all—at least according to a recent EWTN report featuring a Vatican bishop (Mons. Juan Ignacio Arrieta, of the Pont. Council for Legislative Texts) admitting what The Remnant has maintained for two decades—that the SSPX is not in schism. “We can say that the problem with the SSPX is only a problem of trust,” said Arrieta, “because they are people who pray, people who believe the same things we believe in…they have their heart in Rome. I can assure you of that since I know them well.”

EWTN reported this? Yes, and kudos to them for having the courage to say what needs to be said about a difficult and most complex question.
It is sometimes all too easy to set charity aside and just blast away at the Society of St. Pius X as a coven of “evil schismatics” who are “outside the Church” or at least “lacking communion” to such an extent that far from helping souls navigate the spiritual and moral perils of the present crisis in the Church, they are actually leading millions out of the Church. 

Alas, this is what even Michael Voris has been adamantly contending of late—which is truly at the heart of the present clash between Church Militant TV and The Remnant. It is also what his man Terry Carroll and spiritual advisor Fr. Paul Nicholson have been announcing to the four corners of the Internet for the past several years. 

As you watch the following video, please understand that the SSPX itself played no part in instigating this project. The priests and sisters of the SSPX were evidently approached by the EWTN crew, who proceeded to produce a charitable and balanced presentation of the SSPX which, while not glossing over the points of doctrinal impasse that stand between the SSPX and the Vatican, nevertheless goes a long way towards helping people understand the complexity of the situation and the need for words of compassion and charity, rather than the polarizing rhetoric of liberals and modernists.

In reality, one can look at the SSPX in two ways: within the box that is Vatican II, or, within the brick and mortar store that is 2,000 years of Tradition (and wherein lies the VII "box" the SSPX has been conveniently placed into).

When the latter is done, rather than the former, you get well reasoned and balanced articles and commentary written by the likes of Matt, Ferrara & Vennari, and even a video of the "notorious" Fr. Tom Rosica with Bp. Bernard Fellay, the SSPX Superior General. If you view the SSPX solely in the VII box, you get CMTV and Fr. Paul Nicholson

If you want to make your own informed decisions on the SSPX, you can have no better start than here, here and here.

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March 1, 2015

“The largest cemetery for catholic priests” has a post, excerpted below, detailing a fact that, to me anyway, is not so well known to Catholics as it should. The world as a whole knows of the many political, religious and ethnic prisoners that populated the death camps in and around Germany during WWII. To this mix, again, the world probably knows there had to have been Catholic priests and laity in the mix. But what this article points out is that all of the Catholic priests, seminarians, religious and at least one Bishop, were all incarcerated in one camp - Dachau. It was the only camp that ever had a chapel and where The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered - in “...the same Latin words as all their confreres, at the same time, throughout the entire world” as one survivor would later testify.

In this time of Lent 2015, of Middle Eastern Catholic religious and laity being slaughtered, of religious persecution and genocide worldwide,  of our voluntary penitential "suffering" in the comfort of our homes, we should all reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that these Catholic priests were called to and willingly accepted. Prayers for the repose of their Souls are also in order, I think. And prayers for all of the Priests, Bishops, Cardinals - and Pope - of the Roman Catholic Church, who may yet be called upon to make the same choice.

This link will direct you to the French Publisher of the book noted at the end of the article. 

Germany: Dachau, “The largest cemetery for catholic priests”

9-dachauIn 1937, the German bishops wrote a memorandum to the minister in charge of religious questions, protesting against the attitude of Hitler’s regime towards Catholics, and in March 1937, Pope Pius XI published the encyclical Mit brennender Sorge (With Deep Anxiety), in which he expressed his worries at the Nazi government’s multiple violations of the Concordat. Hundreds of thousands of copies of this document were secretly printed and distributed in Germany; in retaliation, the Nazis arrested priests and young people who had distributed copies of the encyclical and deported them to concentration camps.
In 1938, the first priests arrived at the concentration camp of Dachau, 17 km to the northwest of Munich, even before the Second World War. From 1938 to 1945, 2,579 Catholic priests, seminarians and religious were deported by the Nazis to Dachau, including 1,780 Poles, 447 Germans and Austrians, 156 Frenchmen, as well as Italians, Czechoslovakians, Luxembourgers, Dutchmen, and Yugoslavians.

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WEBSITE: Restored Traditions: Catholic Art Restored, Royalty Free

Image From Restored Traditions Homepage

For those who need royalty free, high resolution JPEG Catholic imagery, Restored Traditions would be an excellent place to start. I have not had a need for their services as yet, but paying a nominal fee for a high quality, high resolution image they have worked to restore would not stop me from doing so. 

Many of their prints I do not remember seeing before:
L'Innocence and Rembrandt's Christ Presented to the People are just two of many. You might want to take a few minutes and acquaint yourself with their website, in addition to placing a quick-link onto your bookmarks bar. 

Their About Us page gives the background of the company's beginning and all images are guaranteed to be copyright and royalty free. One of their best attributes is that of promoting good Catholic art, another is they are in Kansas, USA, of which I am a resident. And though I know the owners, I gain nothing from this post other than that of assisting them in their most worthy apostolate. 

But don't simply take my word for it, but also read the testimonials of others...

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