September 18, 2015

The Divorce Vacuum, Michael Voris and the SSPX

Michael Voris has been sucked into the "divorce-vacuum" experienced by so many Catholic divorce petitioners. What is the "divorce vacuum"? It is simply the vacuum in which a Catholic petitioner/spouse finds them self in after filing an "irreconcilable differences" divorce. As I've written before, the first - and the most important - Catholic virtue to fly out the now wide-open door of divorce is Charity, just from the act itself (because of the children involved... and please don't ever use the term "it's for the children" around me! You're simply "using" your own children to further your own ends, if you do.) This is followed by the breaking of the vow of Permanency, which is followed by defiantly ignoring the other Virtues of Diligence, Patience, Kindness and Humility. Get the picture? A petitioner who once starts down the path of breaking vows, convictions, and virtues, can't seem to stop themselves even if they wanted to. To justify their actions, certain Catholic "things" must continue to be left behind - hence, the "divorce vacuum" keeps sucking the Catholic life right out of you. (And now, certain members of the Catholic Church Hierarchy want to "remedy" this by circumventing the Forgiveness process established eons ago, but I digress...)

I fear that Mr. Voris is fast approaching his own "Divorce vacuum". I think he's in over his head now, and his fixation has taken on a life of its own that he cannot stop, even if he tried. To wit: the Church has not declared the Society of St. Pius X in official Schism - but Michael Voris has. Various high ranking Cardinals in the Church have said the SSPX is not in Schism. But Michael Voris has. The PCED has said Catholics can validly assist at SSPX Masses. Michael Voris says they cannot. The Church,  highly placed Cardinals and an official office of the Vatican are on one side of the "are they/aren't they" line and Michael Voris has placed himself squarely on the other. And Michael Voris wants you to all come over to his side because, well...he says he is right. He apparently knows more better than all those previously named. He knows Canon Law more better. He knows God more better.

Uh...nope. Sorry.

Chris Jackson, writing in the latest issue of the Remnant, actually says it all so much cleaner and crisper than I am able.  His conclusions are the same as any other reasonable Catholic's should be: Michael Voris is wrong, and wrong on many points. As Jackson wrote, even Karl Keating found cause to correct Voris' latest statements. Though he (Keating) only wrote of one - the "Schism" meme - he also mentioned there were more that he wasn't going to write of in his Face Book posting (I don't do Face Book, but you can click the link in Chris Jackson's article.) It appears that only Michael himself and certain CMTV staff (and perhaps some of CMTV's Premium subscribers) are the only ones who believe the SSPX are rabid, schismatic dogs worthy of a quick euthanization. Clearly, Pope Francis, Cardinals Hoyos and Cassidy, the PCED - and the latest one, Bishop Morlino of the Madison, WI diocese - do not think the SSPX needs to be euthanized. But Michael Voris apparently knows more better.

So I suppose it simply boils down to one question: Is Michael Voris more Catholic than the Church? and Pope Francis? and Cardinals Hoyos and Cassidy? and Bishop Morlino? ( it's more than one question...)

Michael Voris just needs to walk quietly away from his witch-hunt, before the flames ignited by him are blown back by the prevailing winds. There are bigger fish to fry and he can convert more Catholics to his way of thinking by continuing to expose "...the lies and falsehoods" associated with the likes of Kasper & Marx LLC, The Nuns On the Bus INC, and other promoters of the God-Is-Love-In-All-Forms (your county's name here) World Catholic Church.

The Society of Saint Pius the X, Mr. Voris,  IS. NOT. YOUR. ENEMY. Nor an enemy of Holy Mother Church.

Your true enemies are those who continue to usurp the Roman Catholic Faith as handed down from Christ and His Apostles. This is what certain clerics of the Modernist Church are doing. They are your enemies.

Usurping the Roman Catholic Faith is what the SSPX is not doing. They are not your enemy.

How can the SSPX, or any SSPX priest, be an enemy of Catholicism when all they are doing is what was done in the centuries before Vatican Council II? Including praying for and recognizing the authority of the current Pope and local Bishops?

Would Mr. Voris even now be singing the praises of the SSPX for upholding the Traditional Catholic Faith, Doctrine and Teachings had they but just signed off on the Preamble accepting all of Vatican II as in line with Tradition? Is a signature on a document all it would take to turn his vinegar into wine, and for him to then become an ardent supporter of the SSPX?

Is the Pope Catholic?

Leave the SSPX alone, please, Mr. Voris. Your continued assault upon them serves no useful you, your apostolate, the SSPX or to Holy Mother Church.

Go back to exposing the lies and falsehoods of the real enemies of the Catholic Faith.

Copyright 2015 David Heath - All Rights Reserved

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