October 18, 2015

Why 'Francis, Marx & Kasper LLC' Will Not Win the 2015 Synod...

Statue of Archangel Michael slaying Satan represented as a dragon. University of Bonn, Germany. 
It may not need to be said at all, but it certainly needs to be remembered and repeated (all emphasis and formatting is mine):

"The Venerable Pio Brunone Lanteri, who was also a great defender of the papacy, explained it clearly in his book: “I will be told that the Holy Father can do anything, "quodcumque solveris, quodcumque ligaveris etc.”. It’s true, but he can do nothing against the Divine Constitution of the Church;
he is the Vicar of God,

but he is not God,

nor can he destroy the work of God”."

[Original article at Rorate Caeli here]

And lest we also forget, there is always this very much applicable companion quote from St. Michael the Archangel: "Quis ut Deus?"

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