January 27, 2015

Understanding Cardinal Baldisseri via the Universal Roman Synod Translator

I was reading Hillary White's article in Life Site News about some comments Cardinal Baldisseri said concerning the upcoming Synod.  He apparently is stacking the deck preparatory for the ramification of the neutering of two thirds of the marriage bona, the 6th and 9th Commandments and the need for Confession to absolve oneself of adultery. 

I wasn't quite sure what Cardinal Baldisseri meant by the following statement, though:

“The socio-cultural context [of the family] is outlined in broad terms in its lights and its shadows.”

“In the contemporary world [the family] presents anthropological conceptions, in many cases entirely new, that affect the understanding of the human and the mode in which he lives his social relations. A change in the self-understanding of man is reported frequently, which, in one way or another, certainly affects the lives of individuals and in the life of the family.”

So... I ran it through Google's Universal Roman Synod Translator, which cleared its meaning up quite well (I think...):

"He described the context of the tradition [Family] conditions of light and shadow."

"In today's world, [Family] anthropological concept of new items, like everyone else, a way to produce, how to live in their understanding of social relations. This is the case, change the person's behavior or not and of course I will be the impact on family life and"

Uh..."and" what? 

Well... unfortunately... it appears the translator has broken. Or, there is as yet no app for the correct translation of what is coming from Rome concerning the upcoming Synod. It appears I will have to read it slower and try to better understand what he said and let you know in a later post. It would be so much easier with the translator...dang it all!

Can anyone else translate? God?? Can you help??? St. Pius X? Are you listening? Pius XII? Anyone?? PLEASE?

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