February 8, 2015

The " blob of tissue" Lie

Development at 16 Weeks

As if it needs to be said at all, children in the womb are no "blob of tissue" and have infinitely more a right to life than do baby pandas, Redwood trees and furry kittens. To call children in the womb just "tissue" is as false as calling all religions the equal to that of Catholicism - both promote a lie despite the obvious facts to the contrary. 

The below facts are from the website Number of Abortions - Abortion Counters. The abortion clock shown is, of itself, hard to view in light of what the below facts attest. Hard to accept also, are the numerous moral Consciences that must be deadened in order to actively promote and persist in this most heinous act against innocent children, children who are unable to defend themselves from the instrument of death that invades the sanctity of their "home".

Fraternal twins in the womb -- 16 weeks

From the website:

* Why is there a "After 16 weeks gestation" abortion counter? There is a lot of argument about "When does life begin" ?  It would seem to be pretty hard for anyone to argue that a baby at 16 weeks gestation "is just a blob of tissue" based on what the scientific community knows today about the development of a baby at 16 weeks: 

- The body is fully formed, the fingers and toes have fingerprints & nails.

- Is about 5 inches long and weighs  about 3 ounces.

- The baby is moving about: may grasp for the umbilical cord , suck it?s thumb, and  make facial expressions

- The heart & circulatory system and the urinary tract are fully functioning. and the blood is pumping through these tiny veins

- The baby is inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid through the lungs.

 -The eyes are in the proper position, and the baby can see straight ahead & blink his/her eyelids.

- The genitals have formed. In the case of a girl, the uterus has already developed and the ovaries are in the proper place.

- Umberto Castiello, University of Padova, Italy  reported unborn babies have the ability to interact as early as 14 weeks into the pregnancy: "We conclude that performance of movements towards the co-twin is not accidental: already starting from the 14th week of gestation twin fetuses execute movements specifically aimed at the co-twin." 

And...just in case you were not convinced that each baby in the womb is a real person:

 A Picture of the Truth of Abortion

"But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea." (Words of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as documented in Matthew 18:6)

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