February 11, 2015

On the September 2015 Visit to the USA of Pope Francis...

In a press release at Speaker.gov, Boehner said:

In a time of global upheaval, the Holy Father’s message of compassion and human dignity has moved people of all faiths and backgrounds. His teachings, prayers, and very example bring us back to the blessings of simple things and our obligations to one another. We look forward to warmly welcoming Pope Francis to our Capitol and hearing his address on behalf of the American people. (my emphasis)

Most Holy Father,

Although on the whole it will be a privilege to have you visit our country come September, I must say I am ill at ease about the whole affair. Why? Because I fear what you're going to say before our Congress. Or more so, I fear what you're not going to say when you speak before our Congress, of which a goodly amount are Catholic, or identify as such. (As for me, any Catholic politician, Democrat or Republican, who follows unquestionably any part of their party's political agenda that is in direct conflict with the Catholic Faith and Church Teaching, should not publicly promote themselves as Catholic, but I digress...)

Personally, I really don't want to hear you talk of rabbits, or of the God of surprises, or even of a Virgin who had doubts, to our Congress. I'm not interested in you giving them your opinion on global warming, the United Nations cause-of-the-month, or spanking children. It matters not one iota - and will change nothing - for you to counsel our Congress concerning the free market economy, how the rich need to share their wealth with the poor or the need to cure the worst epidemic known to man - youth unemployment. I don't give a respectful-hoot about Congress being chided for "slapping nature in the face" and wonder still about your Papal priority on the world's environment. Truthfully, the environment is NOT a priority for you as Head of Christ's Church on earth. If I may respectfully remind you, your priorities mainly lie in saving Souls, promoting the Social Kingship of Christ the King and defending the One True Faith.

I would hope to sit and listen with rapt attention on your opening remarks about how this country - and Congress - has let be murdered over 57 million innocent children through abortion. I would be awestruck as you hit them where it hurts, and remind them of the potential voters they have willingly let be killed off, and that has denied them potentially un-breakable majorities in Congress and the Presidency for generations to come (and I would marvel at how their backsides seem to itch as they move to-and-fro to find a comfortable spot in their seats upon hearing these words.) Would they even bat an eye at being reminded of the potential grandchildren that will never, ever be enjoyed, whether theirs or their constituents? Will they stand and turn their backs to you when you remind them of their never-to-be fellow junior Representatives and Senators that will never have the seat next to them, because they were killed in the womb? Will they stand and clap hands - or sit in mute silence - as you remind them it is time to help return to this country the moral compass it once possessed, and thereby to the greatness it once was before other men but, more importantly, before Christ. 

I can only assume that, at the very least, the Supreme Court will be represented by its Catholic members. What will they do as they sit, listen and be reminded by you that it was a Catholic Associate Justice that sided with the majority in Roe v Wade, which was a vote cast in clear and direct violation of Church Teaching and the 5th Commandment of God. Will they get up and walk away when you remind them that even as Supreme Court Justices, their first allegiance is to God and their Catholic Faith, before that of their Country and Man... and that the latter must always give way to the former when conflicts arise between the two polar opposites?

Holy Father, I hope you bring to bear your Office as Guardian of the Faith to remind Catholic politicians that if they personally and publicly support social positions contrary to God's Laws, Church Teaching and The Catechism of the Catholic Church, they do so at the peril of their immortal Souls. I will whoop and holler at your courage and strength for facing down the harsh stares that will be your reward, followed by fervent prayers that will be needed to sustain you from the wrath of the media afterwards. I will applaud you as you remind Congress itself, that their positions come not only with certain mandates from their constituents, but also those of Christ, who expects much from those to whom much has been given. 

And finally, I hope to hear you remind those Catholics in high office they must follow the same rules as the ordinary pew-sitter, and that upon your return to Rome you will formally direct the world's Bishops to apply Canons 915 and 916 to any who are "...obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin..." - including Catholic politicians. Some in Congress and many in the world will hate you for this, but I will love you for it. Some Catholics will try and vitiate what you direct, but many, many more will come to your defense ( those darn neo-pelagian traditionalists) from unexpected quarters (your own Cardinals and Bishops). You will lose your popularity on Twitter and on earth with many, but that will be more than offset by your popularity in Heaven with the only One that truly matters. 

In closing, Holy Father, may I respectfully remind you of the words of Our Lord:

"And you shall be hated by all men for my name' s sake...Every one therefore that shall confess me before men, I will also confess him before my Father who is in heaven." (Matthew, Ch.10)

Fear not, Holy Father, the wrath of mere mortals. Rather fear He who has charge over those mortals, as well as over you and I. 

I remain your obedient child, 


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