February 16, 2015

A Friendly Reminder to My Readers

Pope Francis is the reigning Pope of the Roman Catholic Church... 

...validly elected and to whom all should offer prayers for the heavy Crosses he bears, whether self-inflicted or not. We are all sinners and even a Pope carries the stain of Adam's sin and is no more immune than the rest of us mere mortals. I don't agree with all of what Pope Francis does or says, any more than I agree with what most Cardinals and Bishops do or say, especially as regards the current debates on the DRM's**. But that doesn't make any of them less worthy of the office because they aren't following my version of Catholicism 101. Christ did not anoint me with the Keys to His Kingdom...

I will brook no sedevacantist BS on this blog. It will always be deleted, never to see the light of day. I can't stop the re-blogs of what I write being posted to such websites, but I can and most certainly will stop the attempted infestation on this one. 

**Divorced and Remarried's

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