February 18, 2015

Lent 2015

Welcome to Lent, 2015.

A time of penance, fasting and reflection of our ultimate future. A time to realize that our ultimate end - death - awaits all who are currently breathing. A time to understand that justice will be meted out at our judgement - even if we escape it here on earth. A time to reflect that (1) nothing undefiled enters Heaven, that (2) all who die outside of Christ and His Church will live in Hell for all eternity and (3) that suffering for the expiation of our sins will occur - either on Earth on in Purgatory - because, well, see (1) above. 

Mostly, and despite its lack of authoritative teaching nowadays, it remains for us to remember during this Lent that there are three attributes associated with Christ, not just two. Mercy and Compassion are what we are today reminded of constantly to the point of it becoming a simple meme. But there is also Justice, to which all must submit, but which, sadly, seems to be locked into the Catholicism closet, only to be trotted out for a particular reason, like condemning a couple of traditional priestly congregations or certain individuals and/or media that strive to uphold the Traditional Catholic Faith, Her Truths and Her Teachings. 

So... remember the triumvirate of Mercy, Compassion, and Justice...

and have a Holy and Fruitful Lent.

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