February 21, 2015

A quick note of support for Vox Cantoris...

Just a quick note to lend my support to Vox Cantoris, the Canadian blogger who has fallen "out of communion" with Fr. Thomas Rosica, the #2 man in the Vatican Press office. David Domet needs everyone's support and prayers, and Fr. Rosica needs prayers also.

Vox has posted a long list of blog posts on the matter, so no need to list them again. From what I have read of Fr. Rosica, he has been fertilizing this garden for a long time, and should not be surprised at what it has yielded. Certainly not what he anticipated...

Fr. Rosica's attitude speaks precisely of what I had written a few weeks ago about "...the seemingly arrogant and elitist attitude" of some in Rome and the belief that "...the ordinary Catholic [is] ignorant of their Faith and will simply acquiesce - under obedience - to what is promulgated... despite its all too real potential for major moral conflicts."

As Aragorn said in Lord of the Rings: "Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not."

Perhaps Fr. Rosica has not read the book or seen the movie, but war has found him nonetheless.

Courage Vox Cantoris!!

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